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The EternalExpansion datapack 🌏 by EternalGoose [1.19-1.19.1]

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EternalGooseXD avatar EternalGooseXD
Level 13 : Journeyman Miner
🌏 The EternalExpansion data-pack 🌏


1. Compound combiner: When added in a smithing table with either gold or diamond you can choose the element of which you can combine with.

2. Powered barrel: A useful block that can repair any custom machinery in my addon packs, although sadly only 2 machines currently exist in this main pack.

3. Rocket engine: Used in the making of bigger rockets, tune into my Twitch to see what I mean.

4. Gold wall (WIP): Simply craft it and place it down, always faces south!

1. Rocket pig: A new excuse for a functioning rocket😁, rocket pig can take you to the end, I mean the “moon” without you having to go to the stronghold, but the recipe does require a beacon so you will have to kill a wither, on VERY rare chances the dragon and the end return portal might not spawn, and in that case bring an extra rocket to get home😊

2. (7 seas Addon) Bandit: Same spawn rate as skeletons and drop 2 emeralds and a new item that I won’t spoil yet😎.

3. (Electrical Addon) Mechanical Skeleton: same spawn rate as witches and drop mechanical arrows that can break blocks on use, and on a very rare chance they can drop “sonic destabilisers” which are used in the process of “MechanicalSonicPowerTransporters”.

4. (7 seas Addon) Pirate: same spawn rate as drowned and can sometimes spawn with ships, when two pirates are together my system will choose one to be captain and the other has to obey him, pirates will follow captains, Low chance of Sky pirate ships to spawn, end city’s now have sky pirates.

5. (Starlight Addon) Star traders will now spawn around the world, same spawn rate as iron golems, some items they trade are: wither skeleton skulls, red stone, iron ingots, iron golem heads.

1. Combined with Gold: Everything you touch turns to Gold, impossible to get rid of unless op.

2. Combined with Diamond: You are fused with the power of diamonds and can now obtain a special item when standing on a skull sensor, standing on a beacon means you put diamonds into it which causes it to Malfunction and turn to bedrock.

Heres the Download link!

MORE ADDON PACKS COMING SOON, Go to EternalGoose on YouTube to see progress!


Watch the video on my youtube Channel to know more about this!

My channel: https://youtu.be/R63xC6DgdYI\
My Patreon: https://patreon.com/EternalGoose/
CompatibilityMinecraft 1.19

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10/06/2022 7:47 amhistory
Level 56 : Grandmaster Procrastinator
Von_Leipenstein avatar
Hello everyone, I am the developer of The Expansion, this datapack didn't copy The Expansion! The names are very similar but that's all! So stop hating on The EternalExpansion.
10/05/2022 10:01 pm
Level 13 : Journeyman Miner
EternalGooseXD avatar
I didnt take his pack i actully made it without copying any of his work, I Made this pack by myself and it took a while, i didnt copy any of it!
10/05/2022 9:37 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
FTEMasterCluck avatar
10/05/2022 9:29 pm
Level 21 : Expert Warrior
NuggetBoy64 avatar
this is a copy of regular expansion dude, at least change the name and give credit where its owed
10/02/2022 8:20 pm
Level 13 : Journeyman Miner
EternalGooseXD avatar
-Dear Community

I would love to see you guys use my datapack with add-on packs in a survival world and see how much it reflects the game itself

-goose :)
New add-on done by about I would say, 2 weeks? see ya then
10/01/2022 9:17 am
Level 1 : New Miner
karsonbuster389 avatar
yea me t00\
10/01/2022 8:56 am
Level 42 : Master Pony
silvitimberwolfisbae avatar
nice looking forward to the addon you'll be working on in a few months
10/01/2022 4:06 am
Level 13 : Journeyman Miner
EternalGooseXD avatar
Dear Community,

I am currently making add-on packs for this datapack at this very moment.
also this is the base pack for the addon packs, Hope you enjoy :)
i will see you all in a few months! see ya! πŸ˜ƒ πŸ‘‘

-Goose 🦒

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