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The Expansion: Explore Space In Minecraft! [beta]

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Required Resource Pack
Von_Leipenstein avatar Von_Leipenstein
Level 47 : Master Procrastinator
The Expansion has a Discord server! Feel free to join!

"On that day in 1961, Russian cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin became the first human in space,
making a 108-minute orbital flight in his Vostok 1 spacecraft."

"One small step for [​a] man, one giant leap for mankind." ~ Neil Armstrong

Humanity has always dreamed of traversing the universe in search of unknown planets and moons. And now, this is to some extent possible in vanilla Minecraft! I present to you my datapack:

"The Expansion"

The Expansion adds 8 new space dimensions(with more being added in the future):
- Space
- The Moon
- Mars
- Venus
- Mercury
- The Asteroid Belt
- Jupiter
- Europa

... and a whole load of other features!

Getting started:
Throw a book on top of a smithing table to obtain the "Guide to Space Travel". This guide will explain everything else.

Other Information:
- The datapack is multiplayer compatible.
- That being said, the datapack doesn't work on Spigot/Paper and Minecraft Realms because it utilizes the 'experimental' custom dimension features!!!
- The datapack is only compatible with 1.17.

- Keep in mind that this datapack in in beta, some bugs may arise and some features may not be finished.

Don't forget to download and enable the resource pack!
CreditTo my friend Quercus for designing and building the majority of the structures, to WilliamWythers for creating Europa, to Tristan_Arthur for building some structures, to my friends for helping me with loot tables, to Galacticraft for being an inspiration.
CompatibilityMinecraft 1.17

11 Update Logs

Spaceship Craft Fix : 06/12/2021 12:31:38 pmJun 12th

- The crafting of the spaceship is actually fixed now...

Extra fixes 16/06/2021 (I don't want to abuse update logs for such small updates)
- Fixed the solar system generation setting you to creative mode in a survival world
- Fixed a duplication glitch with the oxygen compressor

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06/24/2021 6:37 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
inventor5454 avatar
I can't enter the rover.
06/22/2021 6:53 pm
Level 7 : Apprentice Pokemon
Miiuco avatar
very bretty
06/23/2021 3:39 am
Level 47 : Master Procrastinator
Von_Leipenstein avatar
Wat ben je?
06/20/2021 1:27 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
BurstPlayz avatar
I'm playing the datapack on 1.17 and I've found Han Solo and gotten the 4 pieces of the spaceship but I can't craft it for some reason, please can you help me?
06/20/2021 3:37 pm
Level 47 : Master Procrastinator
Von_Leipenstein avatar
That was a bug in a previous version. Please download the newest version ;)
(swapping the wings in the crafting also works(I am dumb) but I recommend downloading the newest version anyway since it has some more fixes)
06/18/2021 8:08 pmhistory
Level 1 : New Explorer
Dark Tourist
Dark Tourist avatar
ive played this mod for 4 days and i cannot find han solo can you help?
06/19/2021 9:08 am
Level 47 : Master Procrastinator
Von_Leipenstein avatar
San Holo is found in the Millennim Falcon on The Moon. The Falcon is quite a rare structure because it only generates in moon craters. The craters are surrounded by crater edges and are deeper and flatter than the normal terrain of The Moon.

A tip: Use the Moon Buggy to search for the Millennium Falcon. The buggy is very fast and provides oxygen.
If you are still unable to find it you can run the command '/locate village' while on the moon. This will show you the location of the nearest Millennium Falcon.

Good luck!
06/18/2021 1:28 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
NushNush avatar
When will other gas giants like Saturn, uranus or neptune be added?
06/18/2021 4:09 pmhistory
Level 47 : Master Procrastinator
Von_Leipenstein avatar
Most likely not in the near future, if even ever. The gas giants are basically empty worlds with a lot of fog, so adding multiple of them wouldn't really add a lot of content besides possible structures. I would rather spend my time on other new mechanics and/or items. I do want to add Pluto and some more moons!
06/17/2021 10:41 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
NNikitas avatar
Planet Minecraft


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