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Ultrahardcore (Lives System)

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JadeCrystalCat avatar JadeCrystalCat
Level 39 : Artisan Modder
Finally, a lives system that doesn't need mods or minigames.

All you need to do is run /function ultrahardcore:setup on the block you want to be spawn and you're ready to play!

Each player starts out with 3 lives, when a player dies they get stuck in spectator mode at spawn for at least a minutes before respawning, if they're out of lives they stay there. In order to help a lifeless friend respawn, you can create a Revival Gem and throw it on the ground for them.

If you want an extra life you can craft Ambrosia and then hold it in your offhand.

(Items are 'dropcrafted' and are programmed to only craft when all the required items are in proper stacks and all withing half a block of each other.)

In order to craft a Revival Gem you throw 16 (unenchanted) golden apples, an emerald block, and 4 blaze powder on the ground.
In order to craft a Ambrosia you throw 16 (unenchanted) golden apples, 16 honey bottles, and 4 blaze powder on the ground.
CompatibilityMinecraft 1.15

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04/30/2020 1:19 am
Level 1 : New Miner
BlockyCraft2113 avatar
How do i unset the spawn thing, if, for example, i want to uninstall the data pack. Also, what does the /function ultrahardcore:initvars do? i tried it and it did nothing (at least nothing visible)
07/19/2020 5:07 pm
Level 39 : Artisan Modder
JadeCrystalCat avatar
Simply removing the datapack from your datapacks folder should disable it's functionality.

the initvars functions in my datapacks are for setting up scoreboards, scoreboard constants, and teams
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