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Vanilla Mob Bosses/Variants v1.5

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jensencheah avatar jensencheah
Level 44 : Master Nerd
This datapack aims to add more challenge and variety to your normal survival gameplay by adding new variants for each mobs, some just a slight teak while some changes the mob so much that it doesn't seem like the original mob anymore. The datapack is mostly completed but stay tuned for more details and features!

This datapack is compatible with multiplayer and it even works for both paper and spigot servers.

All mobs has a general chance of spawning naturally while only some can be summon manually
Bosses 0.1% 1/1000
Variants 0.2% 1/500
(seems low but much more common than 0.04% 1/2500 chance for diamond armored mobs)

/function boss:summon (summons all the variants)
/function boss:summonnoai (summons all variants without ai)

/function boss:summonboss (summons all the bosses)
/function boss:summonbossnoai (summons all bosses without ai)

/function commands:annoyingmite (endermite variant)
/function commands:arachnophobia (spider variant)
/function commands:axevex (vex variant)
/function commands:bard (wandering_trader variant)
/function commands:blueaxolotl (axolotl variant)
/function commands:blower (vindicator variant)
/function commands:champion (piglin boss)
/function commands:chargedwither (wither boss)
/function commands:codcoction (cod variant)
/function commands:constructor (zombie villager variant)
/function commands:darklord (evoker boss)
/function commands:diamondsquid (glow squid variant)
/function commands:emperor (wither skeleton boss)
/function commands:enforcer (warden boss)
/function commands:explodingfish (pufferfish variant)
/function commands:eversource (chicken variant)
/function commands:flowergirl (villager variant)
/function commands:god (drowned boss)
/function commands:headhugger (cave spider variant)
/function commands:hunter (skeleton variant)
/function commands:hypno (guardian variant)
/function commands:icegolem (snow golem variant)
/function commands:illusioner (evoker variant)
/function commands:inferno (blaze variant)
/function commands:infestation (silverfish variant)
/function commands:infestedshulker (shulker variant)
/function commands:inky (squid variant)
/function commands:invisaxevex (vex variant)
/function commands:invisvex (vex variant)
/function commands:kira (bunny variant)
/function commands:knight (zombie variant)
/function commands:leakycow (cow variant)
/function commands:magmalord (magma cube boss)
/function commands:mama (hoglin variant)
/function commands:manic (enderman variant)
/function commands:mountainhorse (horse variant)
/function commands:mummy (husk variant)
/function commands:musbie (mooshroom variant)
/function commands:necromancer (witch boss)
/function commands:nethercharged (creeper variant)
/function commands:nightmare (ender dragon variant)
/function commands:oily (salmon variant)
/function commands:patrol (piglin brute variant)
/function commands:phantasm (phantom variant)
/function commands:playfuldrown (drowned jockey variant)
/function commands:playfulhusk (husk jockey variant)
/function commands:playfulzom (zombie jockey variant)
/function commands:porkbelly (pig variant)
/function commands:rally (allay variant)
/function commands:ravagerwitch (ravager variant)
/function commands:sage (elder guardian boss)
/function commands:shadow (ghast variant)
/function commands:slimeking (slime variant)
/function commands:slimlytadpole (tadpole variant)
/function commands:soldierbee (bee variant)
/function commands:soulstray (stray variant)
/function commands:screaming (goat variant)
/function commands:sticky (skeleton jockey variant)
/function commands:swordsman (skeleton horseman variant)
/function commands:tropicalerror (tropical fish variant)
/function commands:wolfpillager (pillager variant)
/function commands:wolfvindicator (vindicator variant)
/function commands:zoglin (zoglin variant)

Descriptions (long)
Vanilla Mob Bosses/Variants v1.5 Minecraft Data Pack
Vanilla Mob Bosses/Variants v1.5 Minecraft Data Pack
Vanilla Mob Bosses/Variants v1.5 Minecraft Data Pack

Bosses details

Enforcer: 600 Health, Insanely High Defense, The Aura it gives off is capable of making anything freeze in fear, if you don't snap out of it by waking yourself your 0% of survival becomes negative... This warden has defended it's land for centuries allowing it to collect so much souls that it overflows from it's body while making it way stronger than a normal warden. It's sonic boom is so strong that it will stun you in place if you get hit by it and if that's not enough it can generate a sonic boom in all direction to reflect damage when you try to hit it. It's skin is tougher than diamond making any thing weaker than diamonds simply break if it comes in contact. Trying to take this nightmare on with a diamond sword is like an ant trying to kill a t rex. Don't even try, just dig a hole and hope it gets distracted by other mobs instead of digging down for you... Even if by some miracle you are capable of beating it, it is smart enough blast everything away and escape by digging underground when it knows it can't beat it's enemy.
Drops Trapped Souls when it escapes, a bottle like item with souls inside, holding it is tough but the energy it gives off feels like it could kill anything
Spawns Naturally, drinking the trapped souls might attract it to your house...

Undead Dragon: 400 Health, Low defense, It's presence alone grants surrounding end crystal to be stronger, capable of making them all heal him at the same time and steal life from nearby players, it's screeches calls phantoms that's always hidden in the end to awaken and aid him, it can rapidly fire fireballs, endermite balls and the same soul blast that phantasm fires. (If you summon this the exit portal will be gone, even if you defeat it the portal still wont generate back it will only automatically teleport you out of the end, you need to respawn the original ender dragon and defeat it again for it to generate again)
Drops Lifeless tail, which grants temporary slow falling to negate most fall damage but may randomly steal life from it's wearer
Only spawns when a single end crystal is placed at the middle of the exit portal and 64 phantom membrane is threw on it (careful, it causes a giant explosion)

Dark Lord: 40 Health, Low defense, Has more attacks, Lightning, Leg trap, Explosions, Sentient Fangs and Summon army (Way more vexes than normal and silver fishes gets summoned too). Invincible until all summoned minions are killed, will teleport away from danger when his invincibility is off (player, golems and even arrows)
Drops Darkhold a mysterious magical book that you can't control, holding it in your offhand might help
Spawns Naturally during Thunderstorms, can also be summoned by throwing a soul lantern to an evoker

Necromancer: 50 Health, Low defense, can summon various mobs to fight for her (zoglins, ravager, mummies, golems, cats? and wither once only when low health) She also hides in another dimension after she summons something, she can still throw potions through a portal above the summoned mobs.
Drops Necromantic Robe, a robe that's suited for deterring harmful effects
Spawns Naturally, will have spawn method in future

Sage Guardian: 80 Health, High defense, Will pull you into the room he's in if your invading the monument, calls nearby guardian and hypno guardians for help, charges up into the sky when half health bringing the fight outside exposed to even more guardians. When low health he will use the strongest form of hypnotics and telekinesis to trap you under the ocean and escape to regen...
Drops Closed eye, can hypnotize MOST mobs that it "looks?" at
Spawns Naturally only in Ocean Monuments

Charged-Wither: 300 Health, High defense, shoots stronger wither skulls and can summon special wither skeletons to aid in battle once its shield is active and it can also use charge at nearby players to launch them into the air when its shield is active
Drops Withered Scraps a leggings that gives similar effect as the Withered Head and 3 Wither Skeleton Skulls
Does not spawn naturally can only be spawned by giving a wither a beacon

Drowned God: 100 Health, High defense, has 3 new abilities, Lightning, Water Pressure blasts, Controls sea creatures to damage and bring you closer if you try to run. Extremely skilled in close range combat and even able to steal your life.
50% Chance to drop Broken Chestplate, a broken but unbreakable chestplate that offers huge protection but the powers of a god might be overwhelming causing side effects
Spawns Naturally only in Ocean

Withered Emperor: 150 Health, High defense, has a wither attached to it's body helping it fight, if the skeleton dies the wither dies. (jojo?)
Drops Withered Head that gives random powerful effect when wore
Can be summoned by throwing a nether star on a wither skeleton

Piglin Champion: 100 Health, Average defense, has an extremely smart ai able to combat in any situations depending on the threat, smart ai includes weapon switching depending on the distance, potions usage, swim in lava(most mobs cant swim in lava) and even special trades if you give it gold blocks
Drops Piglin Crown that allows you to be the king of piglins
Spawns Naturally only in bastions, can also be summoned by showing a wither skull at a piglin

King Slime: 100 Health, Very High defense, extremely fast attack rate and high damage, gets smaller and faster the lower it's health, slime also drops off of it's body when damaged
Drops Slime Boots when low health, a sticky but slippery boot
Can be summoned by throwing 64 slime balls on to any slimes

Magma Lord: 100 Health, Insanely High defense, extremely fast attack rate and high damage, gets smaller and faster the lower it's health, magma cubes also drops off of it's body when damaged, burns nearby blocks, vomits lava
Drops Magma Boots when low health, burns nearby block while giving you buffs
Can be summoned by throwing 64 magma creams on to any magma cubes

Variants details

Vengeful Piglin: 20 Health, Insanely High defense, A powerful piglin commander that was squashed by the magma lord, now wanders the basalt deltas killing every magma cube in sight, don't get too close or he might just take his anger out on you, running wont be possible with it's insane stamina when it's mad, it can leap into the air and launch down creating shockwaves on you
Has a chance to drop max enchanted chain chestplate
Spawns Naturally only

Inferno Blaze: 20 Health, High defense, Spread fire everywhere nearby, shoots stronger fireballs that also spreads fire nearby and explodes on impact
Has a chance to drop up to 10 blaze rod without looting (Good luck getting it through the sea of fire)
Spawns Naturally only

Constructor: 20 Health, Low defense, Protected by an evil iron golem
Has a chance to drop chain helmet and iron tools
Spawns Naturally only

Hypnotic Guardian: 30 Health, Average defense, immediately hypnotizes anyone nearby, extremely annoying to fight, if he successfully hypnotize you (takes 60 seconds) he will end you within seconds
Drops Heart of The Sea and more prismarine crystals than normal
Spawns Naturally only

Horn Blower: 20 Health, Low defense, Vindicators that doesn't fight but instead tries to stay out of combat while constantly trying to blow the horn to get more backups
Has a chance to drop the horn he's holding
Spawn Naturally only

Bard: 20 Health, Low defense, Wandering Traders that do not hide at night but instead cast a spell that only works during the night which shield him and anyone inside from almost everything, no arrows no zombies no magic can pierce through this shield
Has a chance to drop a lot of emeralds, carved pumpkin and even a wither skeleton skull
Spawn Naturally only

Rally: 20 Health, Low defense, Allays that were given a spawner like cage, that can be used to trap nearby vexes in it
Spawn Naturally only

Eversource: 4 Health, Low defense, A normal looking chicken that is capable of laying spawn eggs of some random animals
Spawn Naturally only

Phantasm: 40 Health, Low Defense, Shoots a homing energy ball made of soul and fear, the energy ball can be deflected by shooting arrows at the ball
Drops more phantom membrane
Spawns Naturally only

Manic Enderman: 40 Health, Average defense, Capable of teleporting it's target, Teleports rapidly, Attacks way more aggressively
Drops more ender pearls
Spawns Naturally only

Head hugger: 12 Health, Average defense, Jumps on heads while attacking with poison bites, webs it's target making it harder to fight back
Drops cobwebs and more strings
Spawns Naturally only

Arachnophobia: 16 Health, Low defense, Hangs upside down, looking at this spider causes anyone to freeze in fear and eventually dying from a heart attack
Drops more strings
Spawns Naturally only

Blue Axolotl: 14 Health, Average defense, A rare and strong axolotl that does not play dead while still capable of activating it's regenerative abilities, it also targeted less by enemies due to it's natural colour.
(Bred Blue Axolotl and Bucketed Blue Axolotl are weaker than natural ones, to keep a blue axolotl friend at it's max strength don't keep them in a bucket)
Spawns Naturally only

Playful zombie jockey: 20 Health, Average defense, make you drop random items in your hot bar, not sure if it’s stealing them or just your own fear from hearing it’s story of killing Philza
Has a chance to drop enchanted golden armors
Spawns Naturally only

Piglin Patrol Leader: 50 Health, High defense, Able to command nearby piglins to aid him while he heals (Almost always spawns with other piglins)
Drops fully enchanted golden axe
Spawns Naturally only

illusioner: 50 Health, Average defense, Clones himself whenever there's a chance, Each clone can be hidden within illusions, hides around it's target rapidly changing it's location, Find him within the illusions then killing him is the only way to stop the illusions
Drop totem of undying with random rare loots
Spawn Naturally only

Ice Golem: 4 Health, Low defense, Still has a weak body but the ice insides makes him rapidly regenerate snow on its body so the only way it dies is from an attack strong enough to shatter the ice inside, it's snow ball is stronger and much colder making anything it targets slow down.
Drops nothing
Does not spawn naturally, you can spawn it by giving a snow golem 2 blue ice

Wolf tamers and Trainers: 20 Health, Low defense, illagers with savagely trained wolf
Drops special wolf treats capable of taming their powerful trained wolfs (tamed trained wolfs will still attack villagers)
Spawns Naturally only (might find pillagers in forest taming wolf)

Witch Ravagers: 100 Health, Average Defense, Defensive ravager (less aggressive than usual ravagers), the witch will constantly heal and buff the ravager
Drops random village/pillage related items
Spawns Naturally only

Flower Girl: 20 Health, Low Defense, Baby villager keeps flower around every where she goes, heals nearby iron golem and buffs their mood
Drops random flowers
Spawns Naturally only

Codcoction: 3 Health, Low Defense, Going near this weird fish might be a bad idea, random potion effects are always infecting everything around it
Drops random potion ingredients?
Spawns Naturally only

Slimy Tadpole: 6 Health, Low Defense, Extra slimy tadpole that can survive outside of water and the slime it has is deathly poisonous to other slimes
Drops Slime
Spawns Naturally only

Mountain Horse: 53 Health, Low Defense, Horses that are sometimes found with mountain goats which can jump just as high if not higher than them
Spawns Naturally only

Nether-Charged Creeper: 20 Health, Low defense, Charged creeper but with fire instead of lightning, just as strong with extra heat
Drops magma creams and blaze powders
Spawns Naturally and any creeper inside nether will become a Nether-Charged Creeper

Shadow Ghast: 50 Health, Low defense, A ghast only visible while attacking, capable of firing multiple fireball at once
Drops a special ghast orb that can make you invisible while in your off hand
Spawns Naturally only

Infested Shulker: 30 Health, High defense, hurting and killing it will anger some endermites making them come out
Drops more shulker shell than normal
Spawns Naturally only

Soul Stray: 20 Health, High defense, Shoots soul fire arrows that can light soul fire on the ground, can dodge if it's target is too close
Has a chance to drop enchanted diamond armor
Spawns Naturally only

Sticky Skeleton: 20 Health, Average defense, His arrows will leave cobwebs everywhere
Has a chance to drop webs and strings
Spawns Naturally only

Mummy: 20 Health, Insanely High defense, A Nearly invincible husk, only weak against fire
Has a chance to drop enchanted chain armors
Spawns Naturally only

Exploding Pufferfish: 3 Health, Low Defense, An extra puffy fish that will explode if you remain too close for too long
Has a chance to drop gunpowder
Spawns Naturally only

Leaky Cow: 10 Health, Low Defense, A cow that built up both extra fat and milk to the point that it keeps leaking milk, going near it will be enough to clear any effects
Has a chance to drop more a lot more beef
Spawns Naturally only

Tropical Erroor: 3 Health, Low Defense, This tropical fish constantly changes it's appearance to confuse any predators nearby
Spawns Naturally only

Mama Hoglin: 40 Health, Average defense, A less aggressive, getting hit will launch you high, any blocks in the way will be broken by your head further damaging you.
Has a chance to drop enchanted hoglin leather armors
Spawns Naturally only

Skeleton Swordsman: 20 Health, Low defense, No one can out run these sword wielding skeletons
Has a chance to drops enchanted iron tools/armors
Spawns Naturally only

Ancient Zombie: 20 Health, High Defense, Capable of calling reinforcement from below
Has a chance to drop enchanted diamond armor/weapon
Spawns Naturally only (will have spawn method in the future)

Skeleton Hunter: 20 Health, High Defense, Shoot random tipped arrows, can dodge if it's target is too close
Has a chance to drop maxed enchanted gold chestplate
Can be summoned by showing a skeleton skull to a skeleton

Soldier Bee: 10 Health, Average Defense, A bee that can't pollinate but is capable of constantly attacking with it's stinger till it's enemy dies
Has a chance to drop honeycomb
Spawns Naturally only

Diamond Squid: 10 Health, Average defense, An especially glowy squid that seems to be glowing for more than 1 reason, being near it alone might make you hypnotized, in a good way tho
Has a chance to drop diamonds
Spawn Naturally only

Oily Salmon: 3 Health, Low Defense, An oily salmon that isn't that special, it might be worth not killing it but instead trying to extract those oil tho
Throwing an empty bottle near it can let you extract the oil
Spawn Naturally only

Porkbelly: 10 Health, Low Defense, A pig that ate too much and now cant move it just stays still lying on its back all day
Drops random crops
Spawn Naturally only

Hornless Goat: 10 Health, Average Defense, Rams way more often and it's scream can cause you to pause to cover your ears while it runs away
Spawn Naturally only

Musbie: 20 Health, Average Defense, A brown mushroom zombie that is rarely found on the mushroom islands, it's bite might be poisonous
Spawn Naturally only

Kira Rabbit: 3 Health, Low defense, Capable of sudden leaps to kill it's target within seconds
Has a chance to spawn randomly as a normal rabbit would

Inky Squid: 10 Health, Low defense, A squid that is constantly leaking ink, hitting it might cause it to explode in ink and obscuring it's surroundings
Has a chance to drop more ink sacs
Spawn Naturally only

Infestation: 8 Health, Low defense, Slowly kills animals and damages villagers/players
Spawns Naturally only

Annoying Endermites: 8 Health, Low defense, Can teleport to nearby mobs when they get hurt
Spawns Naturally near ender pearls (mainly stasis chambers)

Special Vexes: 14 Health, Low defense, Can spawn with axes, has a chance to be invisible and glows when attacking
Has a chance to spawn from evoker

Zoglin Valley: 40 Health, Low defense, Normal zoglins that likes to fight everything in sight
Has a chance to spawn in soul sand valley

Item Details
Trapped Souls from Enforcer
A slow weapon that does 50 damage but takes 5 seconds to charge

Darkhold from Dark Lord
A side hand weapon that randomly buffs you by giving you a temporary shield that nullifies a lot of damage and also randomly damage nearby things by attacking with lightning strikes and evoker fangs

Closed Eye from Sage Guardian
A side hand weapon that will hypnotize nearly anything and freezes them in place while slowly killing it

Withered Head from Withered Emperor
A helmet with protection 8 that gives you a withered effect that can't hurt you while giving you buffs and debuff such as temp fire res, speed, health boost and randomly weakness

Piglin Crown from Piglin Champion
A Crown that stops ALL piglin from fighting you except other champions, also randomly grants you the strength of a piglin

Necromantic Robe from Necromancer
A Robe that protects you from all harmful effects

Broken Chestplate from Drowned God
A Chestplate that buffs you in water by giving resistance and regeneration but always randomly gives you nausea, slowness, weakness and sudden hunger

Withered Scraps from Charged-Wither
A leggings that gives you a withered effect that can't hurt you while giving you buffs and debuff such as short temp fire res, high health boost and randomly slowness

Lifeless Tail from Undead Dragon
A leggings that gives you a better aerodynamics with allows you to glide slightly allowing you to negate most fall damage and run faster but this tail sometimes suddenly steal life from you

Slime Boots from Slime King
Boots that slows you but sometimes make you slip and go extra fast, also might absorb damage randomly

Magma Boots from Magma Lord
Boots that grants you long temp fire res but lights nearby blocks on fire

Bottle of Salmon Oil
Grants you weak regeneration, resistance and health boost for a day

Ghast Orb from shadow ghast
Makes you invisible if you hold it in your offhand

Wolf Treats from Wolf tamers
Lets you tame Savage Wolfs if you drop them to the wolfs

Necromantic Robe can nullify debuffs from the other equipments
The temp fire res from magma and any withered armor can stack
The health boost from withered armor can stack
Speed buff from withered head, magma boots and lifeless tail can stack

Up coming updates
survival spawn methods for most bosses and mobs

bug fixes

Allied Variants

Feel free to give ideas
CreditpeA_sh0ter Yaozii |Saito| Icy Flamein
CompatibilityMinecraft 1.17
toMinecraft 1.19

80 Update Logs

Update #80 : by jensencheah 04/27/2023 3:13:27 amApr 27th

Added Mountain Horses

Bug Fixes

Slight Optimizations

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08/16/2023 7:32 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
Kloytz avatar
Is the datapack 1.19.4 compatible?
04/29/2023 4:22 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
russts avatar
Please fix this datapack it absolutely fries the tps on my server
05/02/2023 3:39 am
Level 44 : Master Nerd
jensencheah avatar
if its a free server host i am sorry but theres no fixing it the datapack is just too big

but if u paid for it u could try getting more rams and it will easily fix it if not then singleplayer mode or pick one of the smaller version of this datapack which are the additions packs, more additions packs will be added soon if the current ones dont have the type of mobs that your looking for
04/29/2023 10:40 am
Level 1 : New Miner
etrixemeraldzz avatar
I love this datapack but there's a bug where the necromancer keeps healing and when you hurt them enough they turn into a wither over and over again. Is there a way to fix this or remove the necromancer entirely?
05/02/2023 3:37 am
Level 44 : Master Nerd
jensencheah avatar
are u trying to kill it in creative? this is intended as the necromancer will restart his forms when all nearby players are defeated which the code only checks for players in survival so it wont be affected if there are spectators or something around the necromancer watching other people fight it

TLDR u need to defeat the necromancer in 1 survival life
04/26/2023 12:59 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
2_Z_Zach avatar
Hi there, may I use this in my modpack?
04/27/2023 1:50 am
Level 44 : Master Nerd
jensencheah avatar
if its for personal use sure, if your planning on releasing it to the public just make sure to credit me ig
04/19/2023 4:56 pmhistory
Level 1 : New Explorer
Radi2 avatar
SOOO GOOOOD!!!! *falls off chair* Anyways, I have an idea:
Beast Tamer
Is an illager that was kicked from the village because of taming wild beasts that were thought to be a threat.
Health: 15 hearts
Ability 1: Summons either 2 super savage wolves, 2 killer rabbits, or 1 zoglin. (super savage wolves are more dangerous than normal savage ones.)
Ability 2: Runs away on a horse, but not too far
Drops a Taming Horn, a horn that instantly tames any wolves within 6 blocks, but requires 3 leads and 5 rotten flesh, cooldown is 1 minute.
Spawns in the dark oak forest, with a 1/5555 chance of spawning naturally
Can be made to spawn by dropping 100 leather on a wild wolf
04/27/2023 1:49 am
Level 44 : Master Nerd
jensencheah avatar
thanks for the cool idea i might add it in the additions pack in the future
04/14/2023 7:12 pm
Level 16 : Journeyman Crafter
GrnVio avatar
me likey
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