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Vertical Slabs Data Pack (and free block placements!)

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fhuu's Avatar fhuu
Level 29 : Expert Caveman
The Vertical Slabs Data Pack allows you to easily create vertical slabs! (and free block placement)
Why I love this pack lol:
  • You can turn any block into a vertical slab using this data pack without having to do any other things. You get all the blocks in the game with a single data pack!
  • Blocks are perfectly aligned with the pixels in this game! You do not have to worry about imperfect block placement
  • There is only one permanent falling block and no other entity for each vertical slab so it is as lag-friendly as it could get! (at least without refining the commands even more)

This concept (of making vertical slabs with item frame) is from Mysticat, I just made it into a data pack

How to use:
  • Craft the book of slabs by crafting a slab with books!
  • Each function inside the book of slabs is explained when you hover over them, so have fun using it!

Other notes:
  • You can place another block inside the slab as the way I used to make the slabs is falling blocks, so have fun building!
  • Using the nudge block function, you can pretty much place the block wherever you want, so have even more fun building!
  • Blocks in this data pack do not have a hitbox! You cannot interact with them physically. I might add shulkers for the blocks as hitbox in the future though.
  • Do not place too much slab at a single place, else you will set your house on fire!
  • The "load" function might be abusable as it allows you to quickly unload and reload chunks, so if you are running a server you might want to edit it out in tick.mcfunction under #Load Slabs

Tell me any bugs or other issues you found or leave suggestions or feedback for me to improve it!
CompatibilityMinecraft 1.17
toMinecraft 1.20

1 Update Logs

Bug fixes, accessibility improvement, and block nudging! : by fhuu 11/21/2021 7:32:04 amNov 21st, 2021

Hello! After a few hours of work, I'm finished with an update for this data pack!
This update introduces:
  • A book to use the data pack
  • The ability to select different slabs
  • Selected slabs will have an outline
  • The ability to nudge selected slabs by either 1px or 4px in all directions
  • Quick slab loading in the book
  • Now items that are not able to be made vertical slabs will pop out when you place down the item frame, no more worries of turning items into sand!
  • The slab will now generate properly if you have another slab above it, so you can place it as if it is a normal block!
Quick notes:
  • The old method and the old tutorial will no longer work with the new update
  • If you place a slab on the top of a block that is the same as the slab it will create some really weird ghost blocks, I've tried but I'm not able to remove them, but it will be perfectly fine when you remove the slabs, it is only glitchy when the slabs exist

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09/19/2021 3:25 am
Level 16 : Journeyman Blueberry
Raandom's Avatar
This is the only v slab datapack on PMC, isn't it? Nice work. The other one is by "enchanted games" but is only available on their website.
09/14/2021 9:37 pm
Level 8 : Apprentice Miner
Drakio-X's Avatar
Looks good, I'll wait for more updates
09/12/2021 3:59 am
Level 16 : Journeyman Warrior
The_Mysterious_Knight's Avatar
looks cool...thsi will improve building by 1000%