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Villagers With Super Enchanted Tools!

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Robosapien6219 avatar Robosapien6219
Level 41 : Master Robot

Villagers With Super Enchanted Tools!

This datapack allows you to add a villager trading market into your world.

These villagers sell a wide variety of tools from a Wooden Sword to a Netherite Hoe!

To get started simply type: /function villagers:market

This will create your villager trading market for every tool!

To summon a villager with only a certain tool, type: /function villagers:villagers/"tier"/"tool"

To install this datapack look at the button underneath the download button which is very conveniently titled "How to install Minecraft Data Packs".

The Tools Available Are:
- Netherite sword
- Netherite axe
- Netherite pickaxe
- Netherite shovel
- Netherite hoe

- Diamond sword
- Diamond axe
- Diamond pickaxe
- Diamond shovel
- Diamond hoe

- Golden sword
- Golden axe
- Golden pickaxe
- Golden shovel
- Golden hoe

- Iron sword
- Iron axe
- Iron pickaxe
- Iron shove
- Iron hoe

- Stone sword
- Stone axe
- Stone pickaxe
- Stone shovel
- Stone hoe

- Wooden sword
- Wooden axe
- Wooden pickaxe
- Wooden shovel
- Wooden hoe

All tools come from level 1 to 10.
A tool's level is what level each of the enchantments are on the tool.

This is my first publicly published datapack! (I have made many, but I have just never shared them publicly.)

Please give feedback!

CompatibilityMinecraft 1.16
toMinecraft 1.18

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11/03/2021 7:38 am
Level 3 : Apprentice Miner
Jeddell avatar
How do you delete the villagers? I removed the datapack and the files and theya re still in game. Can seem to kill them either. I want to reposition some and remove some.
11/04/2021 1:24 am
Level 41 : Master Robot
Robosapien6219 avatar
Unfortunately, there is no way to delete the villagers.

If you want to remove them you will have to use /kill @e[​type=villager]. (This kills all villagers.)
or /kill @e[​type=villager,sort=nearest,limit=30]. (Kills all custom villagers if you're standing next to them.)
or /kill @e[​name="name here"]. (This kills the selected villager.)

If you want to move them around you could try boats or minecarts.
or you could do /function villagers:villagers/"material"/"tool". (This will summon the selected villager at your position.)
10/05/2021 6:18 am
Level 4 : Apprentice Network
JVM_Arg5 avatar
Are the trades really expensive like diamond blocks, or is it really cheap like the "Dirt Villager"
10/05/2021 8:20 am
Level 41 : Master Robot
Robosapien6219 avatar
The trades are:
Logs for wood tools
Stone for stone tools
Iron blocks for iron tools
Gold blocks for gold tools
Diamond blocks for diamond tools
Diamond blocks + netherite ingot for netherite tools
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