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- Wither Combined - Overhauled Wither Fight

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GoldSlimeling91 avatar GoldSlimeling91
Level 54 : Grandmaster Crafter
ok i'll just spit this as soon as possible

Wither Combined is a smaller datapack that completely overhauls the boss fight with the Wither by combining aspects from the Java and Bedrock withers together, basically it makes the Wither more challenging and fun to fight.


- Withers now have 400 health, better have smite or power on your weapons
- Withers cause a natural rain effect when in the presence of, if they are invulnerable (blue) then they cause normal rainfall instead of thunderstorms
- It's Movement Pattern is more complex and it doesn't just hover above it's target at all times
- Now has a Spawning Animation and a new Death Animation, both are nearly identical to Bedrock's
- When it hits half health, it will no longer regenerate above half and will create an explosion while summoning several wither skeletons, by far most chaotic part of the fight
- When below half, it moves slightly faster and is now able to do a Charge Attack instead of just moving to a random spot, when this happens it will sparkle for a second and shortly it turns blue, emits soul flames, and deals contact damage with a massive wither effect, basically avoid the attack at all costs
- It still shoots skulls in the same way as the regular Java Wither, so no deflectable skulls
- Withers drop much more experience than they did before, almost around 20 levels of experience if you are at none
- Wither Roses, when in item form, will plant themselves if they are on a block than can support it

Beacons have been left unchanged but may get a change in the future, depends if i feel like updating this pack or not.
Also having a lot of Withers in one spot can drop tps fast
Thats about it, enjoy the revamped Wither!
CreditBedrock Edition for existing cuz it make me think of making this pack
CompatibilityMinecraft 1.18

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