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Xylo's Trinkets

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Required Resource Pack
xylo_datapacks avatar xylo_datapacks
Level 37 : Artisan Modder
This datapack REQUIRES Xylo's Utility Datapack to work:

> Potion Trinkets are a smarter way to get potions effects. They can be used multiple time before breaking, therefore compacting in a single inventory slot multiple of the same potion.
> Mount Trinket allows you to store inside them a mount you tamed (horses and donkeys), and to summon them back with a simple click (pokeball style), so you can carry your horse in your inventory.
To use a trinket just right click while holding them.

Custom Crafting Table:
To craft any of this items you first need to craft the Custom Crafting Table by putting in the crafting grid a standard crafting table (the Custom Crafting Tables belong to Xylo's Utility Datapack).

All the Potion Trinkets use the same recipe shown above, just use the basic potion of the effect you want.
Note: to obtain all items at once, you can use the following command: /function xylo_trinkets:give/all

This datapack interact with Xylo's Better Enderchest.
Tutorial: https://youtu.be/zqJoTwQ_BIY
Left click the mode button (upper left) to get to the trinket page. then right click the same button to switch to modify mode and be able to put in the enderchest your trinkets. right click again the mode button to set the echest back to standard mode. Now you can activate and deactivate the trinkets by clicking them (Status:1 = active, Status:0 = not active). The trinket lore tells you how much time is left before the trinket consume one usage point.
If you put in the enderchest multiple of the same type of potion trinket and activate them all at the same time, it will only use the durability of one of them at the time, so you can for example activate 5 speed trinket and have speed 2 untill all of the trinkets break.

CompatibilityMinecraft 1.18

7 Update Logs

Update 1.1.0 : by xylo_datapacks 05/13/2022 9:07:51 amMay 13th

> Reduced the usages of trinkets

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