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Hello! I actually wanted to give some advice for newer builders as well as ask some questions.
I've been on the minecraft platform since 2011 and have built everything from an asda shop to my most recent project: a Georgian village and I thought that my building experience could be useful to those starting out/unsure in what to do. Now, I mostly specialise in Victorian/Georgian designs with my houses, not to mention I'm quite good at building castles.

Tip #1 - If you're building something like a castle which will have long walls all made up of the same brick (e.g. stone brick) then make sure that your wall isn't too much of an eyesore. Add different variants and blocks to make the structure pop out, like stairs to make cracks in the wall or mossy stone brick to make it look older. If this doesn't work, perhaps hide a glow stone in the build to light up a certain more eye-catching part of the castle, this could be a pattern. I personally usually add pillars every 15-ish blocks and sometimes stained glass/terracotta to make it appear as if the castle has gems. Variants also apply to pathways and large pieces of land that are made from the same block so that the player isn't constantly staring at cobblestone/grass but instead is staring at gravel and andesite and stone and coarse dirt, feel free to experiment with palettes!

Tip #2 - When building a Victorian/Georgian house they have certain colour palettes, I learnt that woods like acacia should be avoided unless you can cover up the orange bark inside. I usually use stripped wood logs as they look cleaner and are more relieving on the eyes compared to the rough original log textures. Dark Oak fits with cold colours like grey and blue, Oak fits with pale colours such as white and beige and spruce fites with neutral colours. I would also avoid using birch wood of any kind for anything other than the floor!

So now with those two simple tips out the way, I wanted to ask a question. I always build my worlds on super flats, I feel like it's much less time spent of deleting all the unnecessary mountains and hills and trees. I recently became aware of the /fill command which is such a godsend and helps me to fill out areas in the super flats. However, now as my project is reaching a sturdy start, I'm thinking on how I can add scenery and hills into the super flat world. I'm thinking of using the /fill command to make big rectangles and then teraforming from there, if there are any other ideas please notify me. Any help is appreciated :)
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Blingedit is similar to worldedit and can help: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FdMg74ORvZ0
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