weapon textures!!!

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InfernalMC started 08/25/2016 5:28 am
i need a texture pack edited to add a couple of things here is the link to the pack

could u edit the smooth granite block texture to look like smooth granite bricks and could u edit the hunger bar to look like white dots and make the health bar remain 10 hearts no matter how much health is added via custom gear

i then need a few item textures ill list the items bellow what i want them retextured as and how many textures i want please do the 1.9 method where u take the durability of an item and retexture it per durability point

i would love it if the textures made fore items where elemental themed along with different shaped and coloured variants some animated would be awesome

shears retextured as roughly 50 different daggers
iron axes retextured as about 18 different hammers
diamond axes as about 18 different axes
iron swords as different swords about 18
bows as different bows about 18
iron shovels as staffs about 36
hoes as trinkets and talismans about 30
and about 10 different enchanted book textures

if u can do this end me some pictures of your work over Skype.

Skype me on nim.dewhirst
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