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3D Arrow Pointer Model?

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created 09/25/2016 5:16 am by Captain_Hd_
last reply 09/25/2016 4:57 pm
So I'm developing a mobile game and I'm pretty much finished, everything is coded but I still need the player character, I know what I want it to look like I just can't make a 3D model to save my life. I want the model to look something like this:

If the link doesn't work :

Just I want it to be: 3D and filled in. I don't think it takes too long, and if you're bored i'd really appreciate it if you could try and make this, I guess I don't have a good reason for you to do it but if you're bored I'd really appreciate it!
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Level 4 : Apprentice Explorer

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5 replies

09/25/2016 12:54 pm
Level 4 : Apprentice Explorer
Great, thanks! Also do you wanna be credited in the game? Just checking
09/25/2016 4:57 pm
Level 25 : Expert Dragon
Sure, why not
09/25/2016 6:16 am
Level 25 : Expert Dragon
Just an arrow like that?
09/25/2016 6:26 am
Level 4 : Apprentice Explorer
Yep, except 3d and filled in. I really am useless with 3D modelling.
09/25/2016 6:47 am
Level 25 : Expert Dragon
Alright then! Here you go! Click here to download the .blend file

If you need it as a .obj or another format, let me know, but judging by your screenshot on the OP, you're using Unity, so the blendfile should be just fine


For those simple models just make a new file in Blender (which gives you a basic cube) and go into top + ortho view. Then switch to edit mode, and choose either point or edge mode. I didn't need point for that, i just made the cube smaller by dragging the bottom faces inward, and then i used the edge mode to select the lines in the middle, pulled them inward to make the triangle, and then i adjusted the corners

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