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Admin Needed!

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created 06/17/2019 5:32 am by h6ppy
Hey there! I run a server called Pyancraft. We're Space Themed Factions, and I've got a few problems, bugs and things to be fixed. I've spent about 8 hours every day in the past months working on it, and my Admin had to leave due to getting a new job and etc.

Needing someone reliable, who is good with plugins or has had a server and is willing to help!
Current plugins/things that need to be configured :

- AdvancedEnchantments (need tweaks and gkits)
- A new spawn/change up the spawn (it is a downloaded / paid spawn)
- Advertising (if you want to try)
- Overall bugs and tweaks

Thanks! If you think you can do it, join the discord or the server

SERVER IP: play.pyancraft.com
DISCORD SERVER: discord.gg/nJbtNFJ

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