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Add to Book with Paper?

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ArieGrace started 07/09/2020 1:37 am
and replied 07/09/2020 4:24 am
I'm making a map, and I want to have a book with pages "missing". My idea was to write some bits, but leave some pages blank, and there are scattered paper around the map that you can find and use to replace your book with a new one with the page you found written in. I was thinking of making custom trades with villagers so you can take the page and the old book and get the new one with the page written in, but I'm not sure that's possible in vanilla Minecraft. Is there any way to do something similar to what I described? I'm doing this in 1.16.1 Java Edition on my computer.
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2 replies

07/09/2020 3:24 am
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You can write any book version once, to add the pages one by one. But if you do that, you would get with only 9 Pages 9^9 Books (81!). For Example:
I have a Book with Page 1 and want to add the Book Page 4, because I can.
So I have to prepare A Book with only Page 1 and A Book with Page 1, Blank Page 2&3, and Page 4; and so on.
If I want to add Page 5 instead of Page 4 I would have to do the same thing, but with Page 5 instead of 4.
"So I have to prepare A Book with only Page 1 and A Book with Page 1, Blank Page 2&and 3, and Page 5; and so on."

It is possible in this way, but realy timeintensive. Nevertheless: I like this Idea A LOT. I wish I could help more.
07/09/2020 4:24 am
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Thank you so much for replying! I should have been clearer with my question. I understand how to write the different book versions, but I want to know how to have a player of the map receive the book with the new page after they find it. To clarify, I would write each book version, and name a paper after the number, then have the player somehow trade in the new page and old book for the version with the page written in.
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