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Basic Help - Map Install

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hudsonbeck started 02/16/2020 3:57 pm history
icephantom replied 02/16/2020 6:19 pm
I downloaded Skyblock 4.07.1 and have no idea how to play it. I assume its Java edition?
once i down load it how to i install it and play it?

Sorry and thank you,
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02/16/2020 6:19 pmhistory
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Yes, it appears to be a java edition for Minecraft ver. 1.15.2 or 1.15.1.
I've just created a vanilla instance for 1.15.2, downloaded the skyblock map, opened up the map .zip file, and dragged out the 'Skyblock 4.07' folder into my 1.15.2 'saves' folder. Now you just play it as you would any other save game. No mods needed. It already comes with a datapack.
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