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Creating Custom Ocean Monument

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created 02/12/2020 4:54 pm by dnhuge08
last reply 02/12/2020 5:42 pm
I'll just dive straight into it.

I want to create a custom ocean monument for a map I'm working on. However, I need to be able to zone a pre-existing area as an ocean monument for this map to work. How do I turn a regular are of chunks into unique areas like ocean monuments or witch huts?

I know there used to be a functionality for this in old versions of MCEdit. But as far as I know, there isn't an updated version of MCEdit for 1.15. Is there a similar program that I can use to recreate this effect?

Thanks for the help!
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1 reply

02/12/2020 5:42 pm
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I know they're working on a 1.14 + version for MCEdit, but it may be a while yet before its ready. Although I've never used it, the only other editor is 'WorldEdit' and there is a 1.15.x option available - you could see if that'll do what you need - find it here :
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