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Fullscreen mouse cursor posistion

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Arriua started 02/18/2020 3:50 pm
and replied 02/19/2020 5:03 pm
In windowed mode, my mouse cursor will always appear right in the middle of the screen where the aiming cursor sits, when I open my inventory or access any crafting interface.

But in F11 fullscreen mode, the cursor will instead appear off to the top left, and it is very annoying to have to move the cursor back to the center of the screen every single time. :<

I use 1.13.2 for the server I play. Anyone have an idea on fixing this? It's making full screen mode unplayable.
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2 replies

02/19/2020 5:03 pm
Level 1 : New Network
It works everywhere else on mc pc but mc, so im confused kind of
02/18/2020 7:46 pm
Level 5 : Apprentice Miner
I have been unable to make my minecraft in version 1.13 do what you say yours does.
I am unsure if this will be a minecraft issue or an operating system issue. Depending on your operating system, the mouse can be set to default to various positions depending on whats happening on screen. You might want to look at your mouse settings in your system settings rather than in Minecraft.
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