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How do I export/import a building in Minecraft 1.13.2?

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DreamBliss started 02/25/2019 6:45 pm history
and replied 02/26/2019 1:36 pm
Probably been asked before. But there have been some changes with the codes, and of course no mods like World Edit working (as far as I know) with Minecraft 1.13.2. I have a little house I made I would like to upload and share, but I have no idea how to do this now with all the changes. Any help?

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6 replies

02/26/2019 1:36 pmhistory
Level 23 : Expert Architect
Thank you for your replies.

I would rather not upload the entire world, as I like to build structures on one of my building worlds then move them around and place them somewhere.

What about the codes/cheats built in for Minecraft? Any info on those? As I recall we could select areas and replace blocks and stuff with the built-in codes/cheats.
02/26/2019 1:43 am
Level 36 : Artisan Architect
Just uploaded the entire world.
02/26/2019 4:34 am
Level 49 : Master Pixel Puncher
The only solution in 1.13.2 would be to get the world onto a server, then make a .schem file on the server with World Edit. Then make a new world that is empty and paste the .schem file into that world.

The other solution would be to just wait until the developers update the other programs like MCEdit, or the Singleplayer World Edit.
02/26/2019 2:55 amhistory
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Maybe try to use structure blocks . Those save your file in
an NBT file.

02/26/2019 2:32 am
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Right now worldedit is just for servers in 1.13.2. Probably best as TNHo mentioned to just upload the whole world.
02/25/2019 7:35 pm
Level 55 : Grandmaster Terraformer
MCedit It's 'fully compatible' with 1.11, but it's also capable of dealing with future blocks etc, at least to some extent. It can identify Seagrass and stuff like that, but it doesnt show textures or block data etc for those blocks.
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