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How do I make regular doors, but clear, out of glass?

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DreamBliss started 07/01/2018 6:24 am
and replied 07/06/2018 3:13 pm
Not sure the best section for this...

OK, I have seen a few times, this latest using the default textures, that there is this door that is made of glass. I have seen it in other texture packs as well. I didn't add any doors to my modern house build, because I couldn't figure out how to get these glass doors, and I feel the doors in Minecraft are too small anyway.

When I googled this I found a bunch of stuff about pistons and redstones and all that, I guess moving or sliding the blocks to create a sliding door. Not interested in that. Just want a regular door that works with modern, and that means a glass door.

I am currently using the Soartex_Fanver (I may be spelling this wrong) texture pack, and while the Acacia and Birch doors are OK, they just aren't what I am looking for. Is there some secret to access these other doors, or has this person added the texture to the default resource pack?

For now I will just not use doors in my modern houses. But I would like a better solution.
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8 replies

07/05/2018 5:57 am
Level 25 : Expert Narwhal
find a mod for it? can't do it in vanilla
07/04/2018 5:45 pm
Level 24 : Expert Architect
OK. Thanks for letting me know.
07/01/2018 7:58 am
Level 1 : New Explorer
There are no 'glass doors' in the default resource pack.

Either this is because of a mod item or because there is a resource pack included to make a door look the way it did.
07/01/2018 9:45 am
Level 40 : Master Architect
I can make you a Glass Door Resource Pack
07/06/2018 3:07 pm
Level 24 : Expert Architect
Hey thanks for the offer! But I suppose I better grin and bear it, stick with only common resource packs or the default textures (BLEAH!) I don't want to have to add a bunch of stuff and install instructions just so folks can enjoy the projects I submit here.
07/01/2018 9:01 am
Level 57 : Grandmaster Ladybug
If you can describe it in detail or provide an image, I'd be happy to make that texture for you.
07/06/2018 3:13 pmhistory
Level 24 : Expert Architect
Thank you as well. Maybe someday I will look into creating custom Resource packs, probably with the help of talented people like yourself. Creating textures is not my strong suit. But I am not ready to tackle that just yet. My focus is simply on building.

But if someone were to make a Resource pack, with all the nice texture features of Minecraft, in 16x, 32x, 64x, 128x and 256x resolutions, that contained nice, clean, semi-realistic textures for the blocks and sky (as nice or nicer that say, Sortex Fanver) and also contained alternative textures the user could change for various blocks like Conquest, that blended the stone types together so if you put stone around stone brick (for example) it looks like it matches and sticks out, and did all of this for Minecraft 1.12.2+, and on top of that added some modern door styles as alternative textures to the current door textures, including say glass, well then I would most certainly be interested!
07/01/2018 8:45 am
Level 42 : Master Taco
boi has there ever been glass doors in minecraft?
it's probs cause a recourse pack or a mod so if you want it you could edit your recourse pack by going into the file of the pack, searching up the door you want, and make it clear or into a glass door, but really, it'd just normally have to be a mod. If you made the glass door it'd be white, not see through.
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