So how exactly do i do it?

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ProRules started 6/24/16 12:51 pm
GameMuis replied 6/25/2016 8:18 am
Hello people!
So ive been using bukkit for the past year, and its realy outdated since bukkit doesn't work upgrade anymore to newer versions.
so ive been using 1.8.9 for a long long time, and 1.10.2 is already out.

Which client should i use now to play on 1.10.02 and also it must work with WorldEdit.
What are you guys using nowdays besides old bukkit that stopped developing?
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06/25/2016 8:18 am
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Hi ProRules,
I would recommend that you would use Spigot.
It is bukkit but then expanded with more features like bungeecord
I would be happy to help you contact me here on PMC
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