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Shelleys77 started 10/7/21 10:23 pm
and replied 10/16/2021 2:07 am
Hello all, please excuse my lack of knowledge of this game.

I purchased the Java edition on the minecraft site, I had to use an email to login and then make the purchase. In my error I have used my own hotmail instead of creating one for my daughter. Now the problem lies that I don't want to be giving her my email and more importantly my password to my hotmail account.

She has started playing and building but we have not purchased anything else in the game.

If I purchase the game again and use an email I create for her can we save the world or things she built in my email login and then import it into the newly purchased minecraft that I create for her ?

Is that a thing, if so can someone possibly help me with how we do that.

She plays on her apple mac if that helps.

Thank you
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Unless your daugther logs into your pc under a different account - we are not talking Minecraft here, we are just talking about logging into your own pc, then you won't have to do anything.
You just need to replace your login details when you start up Minecraft and get to the menu screen, with hers. The game will start and the save game will be available to her as it was with you.
If she does log into your pc with a different username and password, then the default minecraft location on a mac is :

~/Library/Application Support/minecraft

The saved worlds will be in :

~/Library/Application Support/minecraft/saves

All you would have to do us copy the folder with the saved world in, from your profile to hers. As I say, if you both use the same login to your apple mac, then you won't have to do anything except replace your 'minecraft' login details with hers.
10/16/2021 2:07 am
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Thank you!!!
All sorted now and nothing lost
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