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Minecraft Server Doesn't Work For Friends on Different Networks

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created 02/10/2020 7:16 pm by thecycle47
last reply 02/10/2020 11:42 pm
Me and my friend are trying to create a minecraft server and we have already made many in the past. For some reason I guess we haven't set anything up right because when I test it on my network(it's running on his network) it outputs, "can't connect to server". We went through many tutorials to set up port forwards and we have tested many things, and none of them have worked. Recently he reset his router and we were able to get on for about 15 seconds before it kicked me off, and I couldn't seem to be able to connect again. He is using an xfintity router and we are running a snapshot server.
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02/10/2020 11:42 pm
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Network issues are many and varied - its hard to say the problem from what you've put in your post. You suggest that you've done this server setup before between you and your friend and been succesful ? That being the case, doing what you've done previously should work.
The only things to think about in that instance is :
Has there been any operating system updates to the machine hosting the server, has any new software been installed, i.e. new virus checker. If a new version of java has been installed, has it been set to allow it through the firewall - assuming the server has a firewall ?

If you have been successul previously, then the main things to look at is changes - either on the host machine or the clients or any hardware you use inbetween. i.e. is the xfintity router the only router, or if you have a service provider such as Virgin or BT (UK) does one router attach to the main router, in which case have both routers been set up with port forwarding ?
Anyway, thats about all I can think of.
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