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Plz help me

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Mr RichRich started 04/09/2020 9:07 pm
icephantom replied 04/09/2020 11:28 pm
I am trying to download a mod by ScottehBoeh (his world war 2 mod). The only problem is that it has 7 stages that needs to download and each has about 55 things it needs to download. It gets to 31/55 on the second stage before it "stops responding" is there something I'm doing wrong?
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Mr RichRich
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1 reply

04/09/2020 11:28 pmhistory
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Are you talking his WW2 modpack :
.... rather than just a WW2 mod ?

... and are you using the Technic Launcher to download it ? If so, I could probably sort out a link.
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