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Problems opening the 25565 Port for Minecraft server.

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TehHunterGamer started 03/25/2020 11:44 am
replied 03/25/2020 9:25 pm
Hello there,

I've recently had an urge to start playing minecraft again and thought I'd play with some friends. Solutions like Aternos don't work for us because we are 5 people and the free servers they provide are lagging hard with anything over 4, especially on nether. So I decided to host our server on my PC...

Here's the problem, I am pretty sure I have done everything but the ports don't want to open. I will provide as many details as possible in hopes of finding a solution.

So first of all, I have obviously port forwarded the port 25565 for both TCP and UDP, inbound and outbound.

I have also done this for the Windows 10 firewall.

I used my internal IP address for the port forwarding and an external IP to connect to the server.

The "server ip=" line on the configuration file has been left blank.

.bat files starts up nicely with no errors.

I can join with localhost but not with my external IP address.

I have tested to see if the port is open on 4 different internet sites. All of them say the port is closed.

I have restarted both the computer, router and server multiple times between all the fixes. Nothing has worked.

If I can provide any other details please tell me so. Any kind of help is appreciated, I really don't want to pay 10$ a month for 2gb of ram when I can host a server with 4gb for free.

Thanks in advance.
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3 replies

03/25/2020 2:30 pm
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Connecting from your own machine doesn't confirm that your port is open on the server machine.
If you have another machine on your internal network somewhere, perhaps you could install minecraft on that and try to connect to your server. If you can, then that narrows the problem down to your router. If you can't, then something is still blocking the port on the server machine.
If you have your routers make and model no. we can check for the port forwarding setup pages at the manufacturers website.
03/25/2020 9:25 pm
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03/25/2020 12:03 pm
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Snownode has pretty cheap plans, starting at 0,50 dollars a month for 512 (I think) mb RAM. Throw 2 dollars in, and you have a 1 gb server.
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