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jysimk86 started 10/14/21 2:12 am
Minecraft will always hold a special place in my heart. I remember coming home in around 2015 and this new game becoming a sensation at my school. I begged my parents to get it and eventually my parents agreed, allowing me to play on an old kindle/ipad. I poured hundreds of hours into the game, grinding in survival and exploring as well as exploding and griefing worlds in creative mode like any dumb 10 year old would.

As I became more attached to the game, I eventually moved to the pc version, but my mom and dad didn't want to spend money on the game so they instead used a launcher called Mine Shafter. I played for hours with my brother on our own single-player world and the day before he went to college, we finally beat the ender dragon.

As the years passed by, Minecraft became known as this cringe game and I was made fun of for playing it. My parents also started pushing me to focus more on my academics and school grades rather than having fun. So slowly drifted away from the game.

Now, with Minecraft's popularity soaring again, I want to be able to enjoy the game again. The game holds so many important childhood memories and I just want to be able to experience it all again. The 2015 Mac I am using for my school work and extracurricular activities is extremely slow so I don't even have a steam account or any big games.

However, my parents recently moved back to their home country and as a result, are in a funky financial place. As a result, due to their nature, they are likely not going to buy me anything that will help me with my education. For the past couple of birthdays, all my parents have bought me is textbooks and a birthday cake.

I would greatly appreciate it if anyone would gift this game for me. If you can, please DM me the details. I would go crazy if I actually got this game.

If you can't gift, I still greatly appreciate that you took the time to take a look at my post. Please upvote this post so that others can see my post. Have a great day and stay safe people.
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