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Saving everything for 1.15

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created 12/13/2019 11:02 am by NickClappie2112
last reply 12/13/2019 2:10 pm
So the new update for minecraft came out recently and I wanted some help with updating my saved worlds without wiping out what I already have. I did this unknowingly for 1.14 and was quite sad to see that everything vanished besides what I had in my inventory. This is probably a simple task for y"all but I'm a noob so I need helps.
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2 replies

12/13/2019 2:10 pm
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when you end a world press save and quit
12/13/2019 11:24 amhistory
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before you make a update to your world make a personal backup or multiple backups copy the current world and paste it to a new folder and write on that folder backups. just in case any instances happens. now make a new directory for that minecraft version how i setup my own directory for that specific version. ( i usually throw it in a folder on my desktop that way i can easily manage it)

1-once you open minecraft and come to the home page click on installations on the top to the right side of the play button

2-now once your in the installations tab click on the + new right above all the other current directories if setup

3-once you click new it'll create a new installation where you can customize the icon the name and version with directory.

go to game directory and click browse. if you want this to be a start of a new minecraft version click it and click on make new folder then rename it. personally it automatically connects to the default minecraft folder

just make a new directory once that is set click create. then find it on the launcher then launch it. make sure you have multiple copies of that world you wanted converted
then copy one of the worlds into the 1.15 folder for maps which is the saves folder once you click on that map thats loaded up once click on the edit button then click optimize world after that dont click the rease cached data click the backup and load

once its all backed up itll have it updated then click play selected world and be happy :)
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