Selecting Command Block Txt on Mac OS X 10.11.2

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OneCavemanCoder started 01/16/2016 5:03 pm
Latiodile replied 01/19/2016 7:43 pm
Hello! Today I was making a One Cmd Creation and I needed to select some text on a command block but when I tried... IT WOULD NOT WORK!!! Yes I know that the Minecraft pixelated text are images, but I have seen with my eyes videos of people(TheRedEngineer) selecting text and pasting something in there. Can anyone help? Oh BTW the Mac versoin is 10.11.2
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01/19/2016 7:43 pm
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on a mac i think it would be command+a and then command+C, then command+v, whatever the ctrl of mac is, should be similar as windows. never used a mac.. so i'm just running assumptions and what i heard around
01/19/2016 7:20 pm
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You can use shift + arrows to select the text in command blocks. Other keyboard shortcuts work as well, such as ctrl + a to select all the text or ctrl + c to copy (It's been a while since I played on a mac. Last I played, the keyboard shortcuts in game did use the ctrl key instead of the cmd key. Not really sure why).
01/16/2016 5:26 pm
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I don't think you can select it with your mouse. You have to do it by holding the shift key while pressing the left and right arrow keys.

If that doesn't work, though, I'm not sure what the problem is.
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