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SkyBlock Help. PLS

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User2980730D started 04/07/2020 10:46 am
icephantom replied 04/07/2020 9:29 pm
Just getting back into minecraft after a few years, and downloaded the game on a new comp. Wanted to get skyblock as its my favorite, but I tried downloading every version I can find. 1.14, 2.1 2.1 hardcore etc. Every version I load spawns no problem but the chest is empty. If memory serves me correctly, there should be water lava bucket etc inside. Im running 1.15.2 on win 10. DId something change or am I doing something wrong. Thanks.
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04/07/2020 9:29 pm
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Here is the map I've been using for 1.15.2 - its hardcore skymap survival with only 2 things in the chest.
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