Tool that counts required blocks for a build?

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cherrytea started 11/21/21 5:06 pm
HoboMaggot replied 11/22/2021 12:05 am
Hi everyone! Before i get started id just like to say that anyone who replies is greatly appreciated, Thank you so much. I've been looking at blue-prints of Minecraft builds for this mod i use called "Schematica" that basically allows you to copy and paste your builds and it'll auto-build it for you which is great. Where i begin to have the problem though is I'm going to be building some of this stuff i want to build in Survival mode i wanted to know if anyone knows of any tools i can use where it'll count every block required for a build lets say, And I'll get a accurate estimate of how much of each block I'll need to successfully complete my build. I could technically count it "block by block" but that's kinda ridiculous and could take hours i imagine does anyone have any advice? Thank you!

P.S: I hope I'm posting in the right forum discussion if not feel free to switch mine to the correct one, Thank you!
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11/22/2021 12:05 am
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Pretty sure schematica has a "materials" button that lets you see the blocks needed for a build
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