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1.16 Anarchy Server like 2b2t - Server Websites

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sleepylessons started 07/04/2020 9:51 am history
ZonkedCompanion replied 07/04/2020 1:14 pm
Hey guys, just finished the website for my new 1.16 Anarchy Server, check it out:

If anyone is interested in getting a site like this made let me know :)

It's got online player count and displays the skins of all players online. It also has a donate form that can be configured to link up with a paypal account to accept donations. It also has nice discord and donate buttons, and is responsive (mobile friendly).

Let me know what you guys think in the poll!

Poll ended 07/09/2020 9:51 am.

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3 replies

07/04/2020 10:27 am
Level 26 : Expert Pirate
Looks cool...

Just a suggestion with regards to...

You must include your in-game name below to recieve your donation benefits. Then send a private message to the admin in the Discord (sleepylessons) so we can give you perms to set a custom nickname and rank.

You know that if you are using a MySQL backend for your permissions system on your minecraft server you could easily automate the donor rank thing. There are also plugins such as "websender" which can also send commands from PHP to the minecraft server.

That's how I run my server shop @ ... Its completely automatic, even if the server is down and someone purchases something it will queue the request until the server is back up. It also wont allow you to purchase anything without having joined the minecraft server at least once - which minimises the chances of someone miss spelling their name on purchase.

Another cool feature you could add is a stats system... Mine utilises "Statz" and "CoreProtect" data from MySQL to create live leader boards and player stats pages which auto update through AJAX requests- still a WIP but the feedback I have had from my players so far has been great.
07/04/2020 12:56 pm
Level 8 : Apprentice Miner
great suggestions! Do you know if Starz works with 1.16?

Also, PayPal makes it difficult to fire code when a person makes a purchase. What do you use to accept payments from players?
07/04/2020 1:14 pm
Level 26 : Expert Pirate
I'm not sure if Statz works with 1.16 as I am still on 1.15.2... I'm sure someone has commented on the discussion tab on spigot if it is broken.

I use the PayPal payment buttons and a custom callback script.

When the transaction completes on PayPal it is set it up to fire a callback to a script on the website which validates and marks the "order" as paid without capturing any personal data from the "customer" or donor. Its quite a bit of work to set up and a ball ache to work out the kinks I admit but the PayPal documentation helped a lot.
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