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SirScratch started 03/31/2020 1:03 pm

Looking for a few decent builders (at least 3) to become builders on our server

The server's currently empty and we haven't done a single thing in it, this is my first step (Don't even have a server name yet)

Here are some of the requirements and preferences:

-Serious builders only

-At least 16 years of age

-Decent mic and have a discord account

-Although you may want a staff or higher rank, please don't expect one right away

Frankly, the first thing I'm going to ask of you (as a test of your building skills) is to build a spawn, if interested, please message me your discord username, age, and what the end goal of you joining the team would be.

As of now, the team is very small, consisting of only a few people.

As trust builds between the team and as the server goes up and runs smoothly, a builder rank will be given to each person the contributes a good amount to the builds you all make - this could hold a few in game perks depending on what we decide to do with this rank.

More details will be given to the heroes who decide to donate their time to us!

Thank you

-Scratch and Nick
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