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Constructive criticism

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created 10/19/2012 10:09 pm by crafter4ever
I really got to get this out. First of all let me say that without constructive criticism we would all be hitting two rocks trying to make a fire, nobody would know anything they didn't teach themselves, they wouldn't know what is wrong and what is right. There is also a difference between negative and constructive criticism. Negative criticism is where someone says: "omg this sucks you put no work into it." Constructive criticism is where you say something to help the person make it better like this: "This should have less ____ at the back, it looks too flat."

Sadly people today don't appreciate constructive criticism, I love it, I need it to make my work better, but I never get it because people are too afraid to give it. Whenever I tell someone that their work could use a little less of let's say cobblestone, the person freaks out and says: "ERMAHGERD YOU SHUHT UP U STOOPID!!!!!!" If your teachers always said "great job you're doing the right thing" whenever you're doing something wrong you would never know how to do things right and you would never get past the second grade.

How can we fix this? give constructive criticism more often, don't be afraid if the person is going to whine like a 2 year old, just let them know what you think will make it better, but don't say something mean. If they freak out just let them know you were simply telling them how to make it better, so that they can get better. If they still don't like it just ignore them, that message will teach them a little.

I really hope to get constructive criticism on my work. It makes me so happy because I know that I will become better with it. I am constantly going on the recent uploads to give it out for others, yet some do make a fit over it. Please understand people, it is for your good. We really mean well.

Question: How much constructive criticism do you get?
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