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Looking For People To Play With

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created 12/11/2018 4:45 pm by oClucker
last reply 12/13/2018 3:48 am

I use to play Minecraft all the time with friends back around 2012-2013, and am now starting to get back into it again. Been just playing single player the past week, having fun while learning all its new features. I am now wanting to share the fun with others, but all my friends are lame now, and want nothing to do with Minecraft.

I am creating this thread with hopes in finding others that are willing, and wanting to play with me as Minecraft is always more fun with others. I am not interested in playing in any PVP or minigame worlds. Ideally I would like to meet a small group of people or even just one person that wants to play the game normally, as in just traditional survival mode, the way the game was intended to be played. I am respectable, easy to play with, and am not a child.

If anyone is interested in getting together, and playing let me know! Or simply just add me on steam (oClucker).

P.S. I apologize if this thread was posted to an inappropriate sub-forum. Admin please move if need be.
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12/13/2018 3:48 am
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I have the same problem so thats why I want to start this server. if you want to join look on our profile page for how to do it and we will seek out 10 people to play with on this survival server.




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