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Make Minecraft SIMPLE Again!

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created 05/08/2019 6:59 pm by Jnaejnae
last reply 05/19/2019 1:12 pm
I have felt that every Minecraft update is one step forward then one step backwards. Minecraft continuously has more muddled game design and decreasing intuitive nature. I've been going back to Minecraft alpha and it is truly charming, as someone who joined Minecraft during 1.4 I have no nostalgia for beta or alpha Minecraft however there are aspects of alpha that I actually prefer over current Minecraft. To clarify, I do like a lot of the new content and Alpha has too few content to maintain interest for long. I'm not saying Alpha is better than 1.14, I'm saying they are equally as good and I wish there was some way to experience the benefits of both versions at the same time. The game has transformed beyond recognition, and I want to figure out a way to get the best of both worlds.

  First thing that old Minecraft has is practical design. Everything has purpose, a good example are the mobs. Pigs are for food, Cows are for leather, Sheep are for wool, and Chicken are for feathers. It makes sense that Minecraft later decided to add food for all the animals, but firstly that undermines the purpose of pigs, and secondly they should have called the item meat. Instead every animal drops meaningless variations of meat that only exist to clog inventory space. Same complaint for the decorative stone variations such as andesite. In current Minecraft I feel like I'm constantly picking up items and blocks I will never use, rotten flesh was easily one of the worst additions to Minecraft. At least when zombies dropped feathers that could actually be used to craft arrows.

  Second thing the old Minecraft has is a sense of danger. You can't sprint, you can't block, you can't enchant, you can't potion, you can't sleep to skip the night, you can't get a totem to cheat death, you can't boost your brightness to cheat the darkness. The zombies and creepers at night are actually dangerous, but in modern minecraft they are both a joke and annoyance. The only times I die in modern Minecraft is by being knocked off a high place, I've started doing self-imposed challenges such as doing worlds without using any armor or weapons. The survival aspect of Minecraft is just tedious, I've never gone down to zero hunger because food is just so available, Minecraft was a better survival game before the hunger mechanic.

  Minecraft's progression, minimalism, and challenge has been quantifiably ruined by the countless changes made to the game. However Minecraft in it's alpha state is lacking in content to be interesting for very long and has clunky controls. So what do I want? What did I make this post for? I want to request some sort of mod or plugin that overhauls the newest Minecraft to fit in with classic Minecraft's practical minimalism design and atmosphere. Minecraft has lost it's elegant game design, I want to find a way to return it without undoing the many positive changes.

  My main concern is that if Minecraft is loses it's identity it won't withstand competition. For instance Hytale is a well-hyped game, it already has shown to have more bosses, creatures, items, dimensions, dungeons, and lore than Minecraft. Hytale also advertises intuitive mod API, scripting, and a built-in modeling and animation software. It has better creature AI, animation, graphics, and GUI. The one thing Hytale does NOT have that Minecraft SHOULD have is effective minimalist design. More is not always better. Minecraft needs to rediscover what makes Minecraft special, if it doesn't it risks becoming forgettable and bland, and then it won't have any advantage over the competition aside from existing popularity and nostalgia.
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Level 78 : Legendary Jarl

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43 replies

05/16/2019 4:59 am
Level 3 : Apprentice Warrior
minecrafts polar bears are so pointless!
05/14/2019 1:39 am
Level 2 : Apprentice Crafter
Lord Of The End
You can't do much in a game without adding more content. There's only so much that can be done with alpha Minecraft's content. If you do not like Minecraft how it is today, you can play in the early versions.
05/19/2019 1:12 pm
Level 14 : Journeyman Skinner
I agree.
05/14/2019 1:38 am
Level 2 : Apprentice Crafter
Lord Of The End
05/13/2019 10:53 pm
Level 3 : Apprentice Artist
w o w donlad trunp refrence. not good.
05/12/2019 5:45 pm
Level 2 : Apprentice Explorer
agreed. i remember when the most detailed things were ores...
05/12/2019 5:38 pm
Level 8 : Apprentice Artist
Hytale is an actual game? I thought it was just a new minigame on Hypixel or something
05/12/2019 5:29 pm
Level 1 : New Crafter
I totally agree with your opinion, especially the nostalgia, the sense of danger is what I agree on the mot plus the nostalgia. The opinion of yours relates to the crowd and audience, this is an amazing article and I see the activism you are causing and I love it!
05/12/2019 3:05 am
Level 1 : New Miner
I feel like a lot of aspects of game now are just not needed - like for example the recipe book. Although it helps a lot of new players learn and understand the game, I think remembering crafting recipes is one of those things that everyone had to sort of learn though just playing around or looking them up etc. and now that it's in the java version of the game... (and this might just be me being nostalgic), but well it just sort of takes away from the experience a little, even though it's such a small thing.
05/11/2019 10:05 am
Level 6 : Apprentice Artist
I think it's rather simple - either make every part of game's content useful in some way (and not only in the decorative way) or keep on adding and adding more stuff so useless stuff no longer feels like just a filler.

I really wish we had more structures, more biomes (and for dimensions too!) and a lot more but if it were to be purposeless, I would rather feel uninspired than happy
05/11/2019 3:44 am
Level 6 : Apprentice Engineer
Nostalgia is a powerful drug. Remember that.
05/11/2019 5:45 am
Level 78 : Legendary Jarl
You would know this if you read the post, but I first played Minecraft during the 1.4.x update or the "Pretty Scary Update." It's not possible I even have nostalgia for beta or alpha Minecraft because I didn't play those until years after I played the full release of the game. I discovered retroactively what made old Minecraft a well-designed game.
05/14/2019 9:21 pm
Level 6 : Apprentice Engineer
old minecraft sucked dude, you mined diamonds and completed the game. No redstone, no bosses, no exploration, nothing. It sucked. Bad. Unless you liked building, and that solely.
05/11/2019 1:59 pm
Level 5 : Apprentice Warrior
I believe some players like simplistic, others like more in depth. Personally i'm for more in depth.
05/11/2019 2:58 pm
Level 78 : Legendary Jarl
I like games with more depth, my issue is that a lot of the Minecraft updates either have filler content or overshadow the features that preceded and occasionally reduce the depth of the game. Let's take the World of Color update as an example. Parrots are the perfect example of filler content, they don't add any depth to the game. The recipe book is a feature that completely overshadows the previous crafting system that relied on experimentation and memorization, meaning Minecraft has LESS depth after they added the recipe book.

To contrast, there are some good example of new features that added depth. Ocean monuments and armor stands are additions that added to the experience without subtracting a previous experience.
05/10/2019 7:06 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
I see where you are coming from, but java does have hardcore difficulty for if you want to be challenged
05/10/2019 9:39 pm
Level 78 : Legendary Jarl
Hardcore mode is more punishing than hard mode, but not more challenging. I specifically stated that Minecraft is losing challenge. The difference between the two, is that challenge means its harder to win and punishing means its harder to recover from a loss. A game like Dark Souls is a challenging game, because its hard to beat a boss, but if you die you simply respawn at the last bonfire. A game like Dead Cells is a punishing rogue-like game with no checkpoints.

Minecraft Hardcore mode is not more challenging.
05/09/2019 3:43 am
Level 50 : Grandmaster Dinosaur
🤔 Interesting to think of how Minecraft survival isn't actually much of a survival game anymore, but became more of a freeroam gamemode.

If there were to be a mod, or if Mojang picked up on this idea, perhaps a new gamemode could be introduced / a division could be made between a freeroam mode like the current state of the (survival)game, and a survival gamemode in which it is actually a challenge to stay alive.
05/09/2019 8:28 am
Level 23 : Expert Scribe
If there were to be a mod, or if Mojang picked up on this idea, perhaps a new gamemode could be introduced / a division could be made between a freeroam mode like the current state of the (survival)game, and a survival gamemode in which it is actually a challenge to stay alive.

The last few updates did add some challenge to the game, but not really quite enough. One of the biggest problems right now is the availability of items in a short amount of time (can get to iron gear in about 10-15 minutes, even less if you are lucky and/or know what you're doing).

Villager trades, structures like sunken ships full of loot, and ravine systems make the game extremely easy. On top of that, there's very few "limited" resources to give any sense of fear of wasting valuable gear and created any real tension. Get hurt? Eat your four hundred stacks of bread and wait a few minutes. Break your diamond armor? Find a blacksmith.

It's not really about making a new gamemode rather more about balancing the current system that is there. There is far too much in a predictable pattern to make survival feel anything but a Creative mode with a health bar.
05/09/2019 8:53 am
Level 50 : Grandmaster Dinosaur
I do enjoy the "creative mode with a healthbar" freeroam kind of gameplay. Where you can get around rather easily but still have to gather resources from the world before you can build anything big.

Personally I'd find it unfortunate if that kind of gamplay would be reduced to a much more challenging survival gameplay where resources are made much more scarce again.

Perhaps, instead of splitting it up into two gamemodes (challenging survival vs. freeroam sandbox), settings could be more elaborate, allowing a player to set the amount of resources generated, rarity of loot in structures, rarity of structures, which items are or are not available, which style of combat they prefer..

Just brainstorming here 😁 not trying argue against.

I've seen _Phrozenbit_ play the game Space Engineers in which the player can adjust all kinds of settings too. Enable or disable hostiles of various kinds, the realism of the weight the character can carry, the material costs for structures and more! Might just work well for Minecraft as well. 🤔
05/10/2019 9:55 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
Currently, if you go into the settings of one of the survival worlds (before you create it), you can change the spawn rate of most blocks in the game. You could easily make it to where you had much less iron and diamonds available than the regular gameplay. This still won't change a lot of other aspects that make the game more relaxed, but that's at least something that you can do to make it slightly more challenging. This only works on pc though, you have to go to "custom game" and then game settings, and you should be able to change quite a few aspects about it.
05/09/2019 9:13 am
Level 23 : Expert Scribe
I was just throwing out thoughts myself and wasn't really trying to do pros and cons. However, if you're playing Survival for the "Creative" aspect, there's already that mode and Peaceful which, while I personally did not see the use of, Wandering Traders did add in a way to get that stuff and think it's fine.

As a SSP, though, when I'm able to pretty much skip 3/4ths of the content, it's like what is the point of everything else? Minecraft, to me, has gone from an interesting game to a box of legos with critters. It's not exciting and most of the stuff is kind of "just there" and offers no value.

I'm not looking for a Dark Souls experience and will kick anyone in the shin who enjoys that (that's just my opinion), just make it a little harder overall instead of just aggravating. Make Gold apples uncraftable, up spawn rates of monsters and move them closer (16 blocks away is too far IMO, 6 to 8 should be about right), and, most of all, completely overhaul Enchanting and Potions. Adding Lapis to the table was nice, but books and anvils pretty much negate those as well as you can fish up and trade for most of the better ones.

What is Minecraft without Mining or Crafting? That is the big question here. Survival should be considered in the same way, both camps can benefit though there is a divide between the Survivalists like myself against Creatives.

Creative players have dictated the evolution of Survival since about 1.7, being catered more to an audience that does not care for a challenge.
05/09/2019 5:54 pm
Level 78 : Legendary Jarl
I agree, a lot of the new content and features sort of exist to skip past all the previous features. Fishing for books lets players bypass enchanting tables, Horses and Elytra lets player bypass any need for Minecarts. Buried treasure lets players bypass any need for mining. Beds lets player bypass the danger of the night. New content should exist to add to existing features not to overshadow existing features.

Minecraft needs a healthy amount of challenge without becoming over-challenging. Minecraft should still be a game that appeals to all ages, but currently Minecraft sits on the under-challenging side of things making it not very engaging for people generally experienced with videogames.

It is really weird how the game Minecraft has basically never significantly updated or expanded the Mining feature. Mining in alpha is almost identical to mining in 1.14, same ores, same gameplay, same monsters. Almost all the features added to Minecraft actually divert attention away from mining like you pointed out.

I'm personally not even very interested in survival games, but my reasoning is if Minecraft is going to have a survival mode then the survival aspect should be challenging enough to be engaging. Right now the hunger bar is just a chore that I have to tend to, either they should put more focus on survival, or they should remove hunger completely.
05/09/2019 6:31 pm
Level 23 : Expert Scribe
JnaejnaeNew content should exist to add to existing features not to overshadow existing features.

That is what we call feature creep and many companies try to account for it. MicroMojang are just adding things without keeping that in check which is where I find issues.

Unfortunately, around when beds and potions and enchanting came around, people had a tendency to parrot "If you don't like it, don't use it" which bothered me for reasons I couldn't explain until recently when I became a Gamer again (my opinion is if you play one / a few games, you are not a gamer. This is a short explanation and my own definition, but I won't bore with details of that)

To me, if I do not like the base game, why is it on me to make the game for you? Skyrim is a good example and I know there's exceptions like Garry's Mod yet the point stands that the game I started with is not the one I fell in love with and the minority (or majority) that were the non-Survivalists took the helm for the game's direction.

While I can't speak for Notch's vision of the game, I can at least say that Minecraft was never meant to be like it is now, full of stuff people have begged for. It was supposed to be open, mod-able, and give the player freedom of how they want to play. Beta 1.8 / Release 1.0 went against the philosophy of the game in many ways.

Unfortunately, those who did enjoy the surviving aspect have moved on to Modded which fills in the gaps that many updates created and it doesn't take a genius to realize that one missing block. I am probably one of the few remaining Vanilla players that wait patiently for an update that will finally make creating a New World on Hardcore worth it.

As it stands, all you need to do is make a box, build a farm, kill a couple sheep and boom, game over. You can survive indefinitely. Even food is not an option if you don't mind being half a heart forever.
05/09/2019 7:28 pm
Level 2 : Apprentice Crafter
Compared to some ridiculous mods out there, I'm pretty happy with the simplicity of vanilla Minecraft.
05/09/2019 6:46 am
Level 1 : New Crafter
I'd say they peaked around 1.7 and 1.8. After the 1.9 update where they ruined a lot of mob farm automation (dark rooms), and started getting ready for the new combat system it's kinda been unrecognizable.

That's just the problem of Microsoft coming in and trying to make pvp more engaging and I guess the game as a whole less automatable?

I'm running my modded server at 1.12.2 though, because despite the combat update, the new baseline content in the end and all the bug fixes are pretty much neccesary.

If you want to go back to the good old days, there's always going to be legacy version servers. Just without the legacy-minded players since EVERYTHING has gone up in standard. (Builds are more complex by the average player, understanding of redstone, art, even how fast you boom into diamond tier)

That good old fun came from us being kids and not mastering our playstyles yet.
05/09/2019 7:16 pm
Level 9 : Apprentice Network
I personally like the game of Minecraft in creative mode in a superflat world. with tools like worldedit and stuff. Its just inspiring to see what i can come up with. IMO more blocks is better, but i also see the idea that the game isnt too much of a challenge anymore. Perhaps the devs could make the game more challenging. Make things more difficult to obtain. maybe more dangerus caves / nether for example
05/09/2019 9:51 am
Level 58 : Grandmaster Hero
I can only agree on the part that it is more satisfying when things actually have a (and probably only one) purpose. I remember wondering why there even existed pigs when I started playing Minecraft in 1.2.3 when you could get "meat" from cows and chicken as well (sheep didn't drop meat back then, only wool)
For the survival aspect I really would say it would be better if the game was simpler and everything had a purpose, just as you said.
Now it is that I mostly play creative and there only are few blocks I never used. So, I wouldn't say there are too many blocks. Andesite, diorite and granite are useful for some things and I already used all of them at least once.

In a nutshell: I think for survival it would actually be better to have more simplistic and intuitive game mechanics. For creative applies the more options the better. You don't need cows dropping leather and meat in creative anyway... xD
05/09/2019 1:53 pm
Level 1 : New Crafter
I mean, with the pig example you used to be able to saddle pigs for years before horses were added. They even made the carrot on a stick to try to let players drive the pigs.

Was kind-of a gimmick but I'd like to imagine that was what eventually led to us getting horses.
05/09/2019 12:45 am
Level 7 : Apprentice Dragon
To be completely honest, I don't see Minecraft being in the top leagues in maybe 3 or so years from now. It's certainly a game I grew up with and enjoyed playing but theres plenty of new and amazing games being brought out every year (I.E Hytale) so the developers at Mojang have every right to try and add new features and complexity otherwise it'll stay as the old nostalgic game we all played years ago. And as years go on, people's expectations in games rise and to be fair the early stages of minecraft are nowhere near the bar.
05/09/2019 8:31 am
Level 38 : Artisan Narwhal
1.14 is the worst one of them all...but i agree, there have been far too many changes to minecraft
05/08/2019 8:39 pm
Level 25 : Expert Fish
true buttercreeper6
You make some valid point, I also really like the new updates though I do not completely like everything in the game, a pro being the fish mobs and a con being the new texture ( I know you can still use the old ones, I'm just saying I'm not a big fan of the new ones).I think that a the more challenging / survival elements that you are looking for can be found through mods, which fills a lot of the criteria that you are looking for. However, I also think that Minecraft is adding come new aspects to difficulty, like intensifying sleeping to not have to fight the phantoms, who are fairly difficult to fight unlike a lot of mobs due to how the phantoms fly, along with water combat with the drowned.
05/08/2019 9:15 pm
Level 78 : Legendary Jarl
More challenge can be found through mods yes, but not more simplicity. Minecraft has no official modding API, meaning Forge has to update and until that happens, mods are not possible in the latest version of Minecraft. Since forge is a third-party modding API, it cannot legally alter existing Minecraft code, it has to work around this limitation by injecting code in between events. This works fine for adding to Minecraft but it's very limited in the ability to remove or directly alter current parts of Minecraft.

I think both Phantoms and beds were bad additions. Minecraft's iconic gameplay loop was surviving the night, being able to skip night is basically the ability to skip half of the game. Phantoms only appear when someone hasn't slept, meaning the players who chose to skip the night frequently are not given any challenge. It's not a challenge to "intensify sleeping." Beds are a perfect example of a feature that removes challenge.
05/09/2019 11:42 am
Level 29 : Expert Spider Rider
Despite all the additions, its definitely simpler than when i first started mining.
05/08/2019 7:08 pm
Level 10 : Journeyman Mountaineer
You don't always have to play in the latest version. From the Java launcher, you can choose which to play.
05/08/2019 8:15 pm
Level 78 : Legendary Jarl
I get this response from everyone who doesn't understand what I'm saying. It's almost insulting, of course I know I can play old version of the game, I literally said that in my 3rd sentence. It's like I can't talk about the current state of the game without people telling me to not play the current version of the game. It's a terrible and toxic habit from the Minecraft community as it only drives people away from the current game rather than defending it.

As I said, the amount of bad things from updates had an equal amount of good things. I like leaf decay, I like pistons, I like crossbows, I like biomes. I just wish there were a way to play a game with all the good parts of the latest version without all the bad parts.

The Minecraft community is certainly consists of the most block-headed people. I've been around here for a while, and EVERY time someone tries to give constructive criticism about a bad change everyone else demands that the person making the critque should play a different version or just avoid using the new feature because it's "optional."
05/08/2019 10:21 pm
Level 34 : Artisan Button Pusher
Devi The Panda
In anything you will have duality in pros and cons of any game. You just have to live with how the future is going for it instead of hating it on a daily basis. Change is inevitable in any and all cases. Sadly, for minecraft; it's going in a direction of being more complex and more focused to those who wish to make bigger and better projects instead of playing the game how it used to be played.

Just gotta flow with the updates anymore or lose your mind in the process.
05/08/2019 11:47 pm
Level 78 : Legendary Jarl
My main worry is that Minecraft is letting go of some of the best pros that it has over other similar games. If Minecraft's "pro" is that it has lots of decorative creatures and is easy to learn, then a game like Hytale will completely demolish Minecraft. For Minecraft to compete it needs a unique appeal and it's losing that niche.

For the record it is totally not inevitable in any case, they are not being forced to update their game. I'm not saying I want Minecraft to stop updating, I just don't buy your logic that games have to change. I guess a good analogy is a tv-show. A great show that runs forever will eventually get worse. A good show that has a finale will be forever good.

Also, I do not have to live with it. I have the ability of free choice and I can choose at any moment not to play Minecraft. I am not hating on Minecraft either. If I hated Minecraft I would not critique Minecraft at all, the fastest way to let a game destroy itself is by submitting completely to the will of the developer. Sort of like a Star Wars prequels scenario, conflict creates greatness, complacency creates staleness.
05/08/2019 10:23 pm
Level 24 : Expert Scribe
i disagree. simple is boring. as a nerd i may be biased toward complexity, but i feel that the games I play should be as intricate and complicated as possible, if only to exercise the mind. kinda embarrassing story, i thought MC looked boring in the early days, so I didn't play it until around 1.6, when it started to give some options. (maybe you can tell, but i don't confuse easily.)
05/08/2019 11:36 pm
Level 78 : Legendary Jarl
Maybe you don't fully disagree, because as I said "Alpha has too few content to maintain interest for long." I enjoy complexity, but not when the complexity added is either superficial or detrimental to the core game play. In my point of view an addition like Panda bears does not give Minecraft more depth, it gives Minecraft more breadth. Minimalist means simplicity relative to function, I would love Minecraft to have many more complex functions as long as it retains a primary focus on function. For instance if Minecraft 2 were to come out the first feature I would want is a fully-fledge physics system to make complex machinery and vehicles. If Minecraft is digital-lego, then I want Minecraft 2 to be digital-technic lego.

So perhaps simple was a slight misuse of words, I meant minimalistic. A skyscraper isn't simple just because it's minimalistic, but it is simple relative to the decorative complexities a building of that size is capable of displaying.
05/09/2019 7:19 am
Level 24 : Expert Scribe
Oh ok

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