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My first NOOB experience

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created 10/18/2018 8:00 am by Sireastbound
last reply 10/19/2018 10:53 pm

I was walking through lands of grass, trying to find a good spot to build my house,
I was on an SMP server and decided to venture off from my friends for the first time because
I didn't need their help, I could do it all by myself.

I remember the area I was walking into, trees where scarce. The weather was good,
but then again the weather was not invented yet in Minecraft so it was always good. And then

I finally found an interesting place, There where to hills separated by a ravine
and I decided to build my new house on the other side of it.
Instead of just building a bridge to the other side, I climbed all the way down
and back up again and then

the sun started to go down. During this stage, Minecraft was way more dangerous than I remember it to be these days at night. So I hurried up and started to build a shelter, out of dirt.
So there it was my ugly dirt house in the middle of the night.

Since it was the middle of the night, I decided to start mining for coal but
after several in-game days, I did not find a single piece of coal.
The main problem I had with finding coal was that Minecraft at the time, was way darker
than it is these days. So I couldn't see a thing when venturing in my cave.

So after playing for 3 or 4 hours, I managed to build a house/hut half dirt and half cobblestone,
dig a mine that looked more like a natural cave than a mine because I was just going in random directions
and unable to find a single piece of coal. In the end, my friends had to come down and help me light up my cave
after it took them a lot of effort to spot my dirt cobble hut on top of a hill.

I think I also died a couple of times because in early Minecraft
creepers, where attracted to me like mosquitoes are during a summer day

And this is why I won't judge too quickly when I encounter a noob in game.

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Level 18 : Journeyman Architect

3 replies

10/19/2018 10:53 pm
Level 2 : Apprentice Miner
Love it, very descriptive!!!
10/18/2018 8:56 am
Level 42 : Master Pixel Puncher
Heh neat little story : D
I think the first noob experience I had was when I found out there was something called "Multiplayer". I spent around 2-3 hours typing in random IP's (It didn't strike me that I could go online and find servers there) Then I finally found a server, and it was some sort of survival server with quite a few players.

The first thing I do is run around and get killed by other players and constantly answering when someone said "idk" - At the time I thought "idk" meant: "I'm Danish" so I would try and speak danish with them (even though I was just learning Danish), and at some point I got banned from the server. I then tried to type in more random IP's, and yeah... That's how I found most servers that I used to play on :D
10/18/2018 9:54 am
Level 18 : Journeyman Architect
Oh nice. My first time going on public servers was also very noobish, I was really oblivious to the fact that many servers used plugins, So I ended up on a faction server without realizing that such a server actually existed. ventured out in wild and started building my little town. I was very lucky tho because instead of griefing me the guys that found me liked what I had built and decided to recruit me instead.
Not long after I started creating my own factions.

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