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Patch Ideas

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created 11/29/2011 6:50 pm by Mistablockout
I have some ideas for the new patch:
Flying Potion
-Gives you wings for a moment (60s, 90s, 120s).
Elemental Arrows
-Able to right click arrows onto fire, snow, and if you're lucky, lightning.
New Mobs and Mob Areas
-Creeper caves, spider caves (not like the ones in abandoned mineshafts), skeleton graveyards, maybe aliens that lift blocks into the air from a spaceship and drop them somewhere in a 50 block radius (not underground), and maybe characters from another game.
Abandoned Castles
-Loot, mobs, etc.
-Soot in the air, lava spewing from the sides and top (shot into air from the top), and lava can go up to 100 blocks away, soot going further; maybe 250 blocks
-Soot is like poison but will kill you if you don't conceal yourself.
Viruses and Bacteria
-Will kill you if you don't have an antidote/cure (gives a new use to brewing and alchemy).
-Can catch it from eating raw meat and caves.
-Stays on you for 10 minutes and then you die.
Temperature Bar
-Die if overheated or freezing for too long (whole new meaning to survival).
-Any source of light gives off heat (except glowstones) and can drink water to cool off.
New Weapons
-Spear (can attack from 2 blocks away, but slower than sword).
-Greataxe (does more damage than any melee weapon, but is the slowest).
-Crossbow (shoots farther than a bow, does more damage than a bow, but takes more time to reload).
-Dagger (really fast attacks, but does less damage than a sword).
-Dual weapons (more damage, no blockage).
-Blocking halves attack damage taken (not fall damage).
-No dual shields
Weight Factor
-Armor, weapons, and shields add weight decreasing movement speed (meaning people who decide to use a shield to halve damage will move slower, giving the upper
hand to people that use dual weapons and bows.
-Items in inventory don't add to weight (except tools, armor, weapons, and shields).
If you guys like my ideas, I can give you more
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