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Weird Minecraft Commands Stuff...

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created 02/20/2019 7:55 am by DiamondPlayables
last reply 02/20/2019 8:40 am
This is just a post to talk about the Minecraft Commands in 1.13 and in the higher versions as well.

I have no idea how Mojang works. But here's what I know.

They don't allow us to use /data or /execute store to modify playerdata...

...but they have commands that allows us to literally modify playerdata like /replaceitem /xp /clear /give ... The only difference is that it is not /data or /execute store.

So basically more commands that does exactly what they don't want us to be doing in the first place. Weird stuff

In my opinion that's a waste of command usage. You can do all of /xp,/clear,/give,/replaceitem's functions using /data or /execute store,

yet they decided to not allow for that by "not allowing people to modify playerdata using /data or /execute store". What is that about?

Can someone please explain that?

Also, you can give your opinions down in the comments section about the matter.
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02/20/2019 8:40 am
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Easy: if you muck around your player settings with /data then the chances are high that you might use wrong values for certain settings and that could cause major problems with the game (might even crash it).

With using dedicated commands (such as /xp) it is a lot easier to apply restrictions (and checks) to ensure that you don't do anything strange, and if you do use a value which could crash the game it can be rejected. Because the system knows up front that the player will use /xp to change the XP values; so it can immediately tell which would be valid and which not.

But what someone is going to do with /data remains everyones guess ;)

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