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Roadkill2552 started 12/11/2013 1:51 am
and replied 12/11/2013 11:44 pm
Hello everyone, TeamFuture here I just started Coding and modding a while back and im not great at it and yes some parts are very confusing...But I want to make a mod based off the movie AVATAR by James Cameron. But i want to know if some of the things i want to add is possible before i start making this mod.

1. I wanted to add many sorts of plants and trees, but instead of normal trees they would be accompanied by Bioluminescence like in the movie, where at night the plants would Glow in certain areas. So i wouldnt want the whole thing to Glow, like a Glowstone block, But instead have a few areas Glow in different colors. Kinda like that of a redstone torch, where the bottom is normal wood, but the top of it puts of light and glows. if this is possible i would like to do this with the tops of the dirt, or whatever covers the ground.

2. Also, to make the world of Pandora seem very real, i waned to add in Hometree, a Giant Tree at the Coordinates of (0.0) And Maybe a Few other well known sites of Pandora at different areas in the world, but they would always be at the same place everytime you start up a new world.

3. The World of Pandora would have to be traveled to just like the nether, but instead of a portal you walk through i wanted to have a Linking Chamber that you must craft that acts as a bed, so when you click on the bed you lie down, and it seems as if your using a real bed, and then you are sent to pandora.

That Pretty much sums it up for right now, If you can help me out by letting me know if some of those things are possible, That would be great! I will probably add to this list as i think of new ideas, that im iffy on. Also This mod when i start it, it will be a Collaboration Project so if you wish to help Just let me know, so we can get started.

Thankyou Everyone, -Roadkill (TeamFuture)
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12/11/2013 11:44 pm
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Thankyo MMM_MasterM i will see what i can do, thankyou again.
12/11/2013 5:36 am
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It's all quite doable.
As you mentioned the glowing behaviour could be similar to torches' glowing, just look at the source code of the torches to understand howto do it.

For 2. you should make a worldgenerator.

3. is similar to Tropicraft - they made it so you sit down in a chair and drink a cocktail on sunset to teleport to their tropical dimension.
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