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Super cool minecraft seed

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created 02/14/2020 5:47 pm by ilovehorrorcats history
Here is the super cool seed: -152246528000119912


Description of the videeo just in case if it gets deleted

Is this ACTUALLY the BEST Minecraft Seed for Minecraft 1.15? With all the things you need so close AND a beautiful building canvas?

In todays episode of The BEST Minecraft Seeds with Avomance, I have been sent an AMAZING one.

A Fortress, a Mansion, a Monument, a Jungle Pyramid, Pillager towers and a Desert Pyramid all within 3000 blocks and pretty much EVERY biome within 4000 - Desert, Jungle, Mesa, Ice Spikes
Its got it all
And LOADS of villages!

I may even look at using this seed for a new Minecraft Survival Let's Play series!


This is an amazing Minecraft Seed for Java Minecraft 1.15 - the opportunities to find bees RIGHT BY SPAWN is VERY high with a lot of Plains, Sunflower Plains AND Flower Forest biomes right next to spawn


A great Survival Minecraft 1.15 seed


You can find the seed here:

Don't forget the "-" - its important!

That will take you to exactly the same world I was in... Java Edition only I am afraid... sorry Minecraft Bedrock players!

Is it one of the top Minecraft Seeds? Let me know in the comments


Place that Minecraft Seed number (Java Edition) into your seed box on the world generation screen like I do in the video and you will get the same world I showed you!

Its a Minecraft Seed Tour and a Minecraft Seed review all at the same time!

A Minecraft tutorial on how to load a seed in Minecraft.

A really interesting mix of things on this seed!


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Part of my Best Minecraft Seed Tour Series

Don't miss any of these great Minecraft Seed examples

Stronghold Cordinates: -136 ~ 1544

Mansion Cordinates: 512 ~ -2304

Desert Cordinates -264 ~ 412

Fortress Cordinates: -80 ~ -336

Monument Cordinates: 1296 ~ 736

Jungle Cordinates: 1840 ~ -1876

Mushroom Island Cordinates: 2160 ~ 2540

End city Cordinates: -592 ~ 1072

Swamp Hut: 304 ~ 832

Desert Pyramid: -656 ~ 784

Desert Village Cordinates: -247 ~ 590

Really cool datapack pention mojang to implement this:
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