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Looking for a Server with more to offer?!!...Slimefun, Magic, Jobs, McMMO all highly configured and ITS FREE NO V.I.P!!

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created 01/03/2019 7:06 am by Meerkat101
last reply 01/16/2019 4:32 am
I checked and yeah I found a unique diamond in a mountain of coal!

Piper Survival. 1.12.2

Not only does it have all the plugins many of us like.
it has a friendly owner and its been around on and off a few years.
and a huge 300 slot server and lots of space to build on...\o/

It just needs our help to make its community grow and make the Dynmap more interesting
with our lovely builds.

I really love the creative world, with the many famous buildings. I love the fully stocked shop and how easy it is to make gold and to rank up.

Big tip read the Guidebook you get when you log in, it tells you a lot and look around spawn,lots of warps access and lots of info too.

But mostly I love that they do not ask for any my money to do so...There is no V.I.P ranks at all.
We can all become mods/admin with time and effort.

Login and see for yourself or check the map out

Reply to this post and let me know what YOU think!
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