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Admin Looking For Server to Administrate.

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created 11/13/2015 10:43 am by darween
last reply 11/13/2015 1:19 pm
Hey everyone I am Admin looking for of course Admin or Staff Manager on a server. Here is a bit about me and why i would be good for your server.

email: [email protected]

Skype username: darien.schroeder (Picture of a MC character)

Age? 14

Roughly how many hours can I dedicate? I can dedicate 2-3 hours on weekdays every day and 4-5 hours every day on weekends.

Do I have a microphone? Yes

Why do you want to become a admin/Staff Manager? I want to help out your server to the best of my abilities. I also know teamwork is important and I believe that this is a very important part in a servers staff. Which is why I want to become Admin so I can help people work together and keep the server together. I have seen many times servers failing because of the staff not working together and I don't want this to happen to this server. I also know hot to edit plugins, make groups, add perms, ban, kick, banip, mute. Although the only thing I don't know how to do yet is make plugins but I can do pretty much anything else. If staff where fighting I would ask what the problem is and why. If I can't work it out then I would notify you. If a staff and player were fighting or the staff was abusing the player then I would come in ask for each side of the fight then if the staff was abusing I would let you know what has happened or if the player was I would give him a warning and let him know if he did it again he would either get muted or banned or tempbanned for a certain amount of time. If I find that staff are always fighting i will contact you and explain the situation and what is happening. If anyone is hacking I will ban them. If anyone is constantly cussing I will give them a warning and if they still do I will mute them. I also have seen by even just how much time you have spent writing the description that you put a lot of time and effort even into the little things and I want to be on a team that can work together and that we can put effort into the small things. Also I help out people coming onto the server as much as I can without giving them items more like teaching them the mechanics of the server. I love helping people out and getting them on the server and also I take suggestions from people as well and if the suggestion is big I'll let you know and let you decide whether or not we will do it.

What is my Time Zone? Mountain Time

Have I had any ban on another server before? No

Do I have previous experience being a admin/staff manager, if so, where? Yes, I have been on my friends server. I have also been on many other servers which have failed because either the owner didn't know how to run a server or the staff would fight and the owner wouldn't do anything and I would try but without the owners help I couldn't do it and they crashed. Although over my time of be a staff member I have learned some valuables things about servers a bit by a bit and I have now taken that lesson with me.

Extra Information: I know how to edit plugins, add groups, change perms, ban, banip, tempban, kick, or mute. I also really believe in teamwork and I try to get people to work together to the best of my ability. I am learning to do graphics designs, animations and coding. I am friendly most of the time but I get serious when I need to like when someone is fighting.
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11/13/2015 1:19 pm
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If you're looking to apply for staff on a server you may find the server recruitment section of the forums here. Please don't create threads requesting servers to recruit you, thanks. /lock

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