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Archer Games is a PVP server for Minecraft! Our servers are running 24/7 so you can play all day long. Make sure to bring as many friends as you can along, you can team up or play by yourself and try to dominate the game! The server is fully automatic and restarts by itself every match. The winner of the last game on that server will get an Orange name. Our friendly admins are online most of the time to help you so ask away with as many questions as you like and they will answer to the best of their ability.

Archer Games Servers. IP(s):
- ag1.archergames.net (France, 24 Slots)
- ag2.archergames.net (USA, 24 Slots)
- ag3.archergames.net (France, 16 Slots)

Our servers are:
- 24/7
- Fully Automatic
- No Lag
- 3 Servers
- Unique Gameplay

Our website:
- Full image gallery with screenshots of gameplay
- Integrated PayPal checkout
- Server information
- Contact details

Archer Games Servers are unique because the game concentrates more on giving plays Bows and Arrows to fight it out until the last man standing.

We Have:
> Facebook fan page, link: http://www.facebook....336103109802722
> Twitter link: http://twitter.com/#!/ArcherGames
> Our Website link: http://archergames.net/
> Owner: enayet123
> Admin: shazz96

Want to ask us a question just send us an email:
> [email][email protected][/email]
> [email][email protected][/email]

Premium Kits:
VIP:- £1 ($1.50 Variable)
Elite:- £3 ($4.50 Variable)
Ridiculous:-£10 ($16.00 Variable)

Thank you for reading this! We hope to see you soon!

- enayet123
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