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Hey there random people, Thanks for click this thread today i will be talking about something different. So for some times i have been thinking about making my own application or website or game or just making a helpful website which people will be able to use. I have tried my best looking out different web hosting but because i don't have any experience i did not know where to start from. I do own a minecraft server with a forums website which i made (http://minecult.ml).

What i am looking for

I am looking for a developer to join my project even if you are not a developer feel free to join you can always be helpful at some point. Together we could develop our own communicating application. They are one of the most famous applications now a days. Or if we cant make an application we could make a minecraft server hosting or a discord bot hosting for people and i am sure we will get a lot of customer.

What will you get in being my staff?

Yes one of the questions most people will ask. Being a staff/Owner of a community is a really hard job to maintain the customers and the staffs. If you are my staff you would get money from the donations giving to the community. I am sorry but i cant pay since i am not that rich so any donations we get would be equally giving to each staff member.


Hopefully you understand me and i find someone who can help me out
Contact Me

You can contact me by messaging me on discord
Or join my discord Server
My YouTube channel
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03/30/2019 7:36 am
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A feature stuffed discord<->server bot would be an interesting production.
03/30/2019 9:20 am
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yeah lol

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