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Communist server

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created 08/25/2019 10:28 pm by Vodka_Russian
last reply 08/27/2019 3:49 am
hello fellow minecrafter, i have created a communist server about 2 days ago and i am a complete noob to this type of stuff. im trying to find a tutorial on youtube on how to create ranks and other stuff but sadly i couldnt find anything that i could understand. it would be a great help if people could either join the server and help directly or just put tips and stuff in the replys. Any help is greatly appreciated.

Edit 1. so i forgot to mention the type of server, the server is a survival one

Edit 2. i also have a discord account Communist_Anime_Girl#9983 and a server if that makes it easier for you to contact me

sorry for the repost, just wanted more people to see
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08/27/2019 3:49 am
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