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Eclipse Network - Warzone, Prison - NEEDS STAFF AND BUILDERS

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created 01/13/2018 7:42 am by materialized
Hey all, as the Administrator of Eclipse Network, it is up to me to find members of staff who possess enough ability to qualify for our staff team. Currently, we're low on staff and in need of hiring new, capable individuals. We are in mid-stages of development, yet still have quite a lot to do.

Eclipse Network is currently running a lobby, a Warzone Origins server (if you're unaware of what this game mode is, please visit our website,) and a Prison server which is the main focus as of the present day. We do have lots of plans for future server and ways in which we can add originality to them to make them stand out from others.

Each new accepted applicant begins as Helper (unless you have years of experience with backend development) and will gradually work their way up if deemed fit for higher responsibilities. There are no exceptions to jumping ahead of ranks, everybody is treated equally and nobody is made anybodies favourite.

I am in charge of managing applications, staff, promotions and demotions as Administrator. You can message me on Discord @materialized#4375 or join our official Discord with this link: or visit our website here:

I'm open to answer any questions, so feel free to reply on this thread, PM me, message me on Discord, whatever suits you the best. Hope to see some new people to work with shortly!

I'm not posting the IP due to the fact we're under maintenance, I'll provide it at a future date when we are open :)

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