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Hiring Custom Plugin Developers for new fun server startup.

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created 04/21/2019 7:02 pm by Dynamisticality
last reply 04/21/2019 7:03 pm
Hey there, I have a server and I'm planning on making it into a creative server, but with a twist.
You see normal creative has plots, but I'm thinking that users can have worlds where they can build with worldedit, with friends and they can set a terrain or biome template. Users can invite each other to worlds and can also add particles and other stuff to their builds. So there's a world database where you can experiment with tools and stuff that you don't find in vanilla, you can also let friends join your world and have fun. I need a custom plugin to make new flat worlds or whatever they choose for each person, and then make it so they can add permissions for other people to build. I think this is a great idea and I need a developer who's willing to put the effort in to help me.
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04/21/2019 7:03 pm
Level 7 : Apprentice Architect
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