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FoxMagick1 started 10/28/2017 12:10 pm
Starting November 1st to November 8th we will be taking down the white list and opening to the public for one week, and this will be the start of a monthly event. Once a month for one week we will be doing this to give new players a chance to check out the server as a guest, this event will take place at the beginning of every month unless other wise posted.

and Welcome to

KitsuneKingdoms 16+ Adult server

Here you will find adventure and rpg set in a medival world,

We are an adult 16+ server,

Make sure to join our discord for we are a white listed server
https://discord.gg/93UAqqS or for those of you who don't want to
join discord, you can join our facebook group www.facebook.com/groups/126041828024151/

We have a brand new custom world with 25 biomes!

New players have /back and can make colorful nicknames with /nick!

New players get three set homes, so get out there and get

Keep inventory is on so no worries about losing your stuff, mob block damage is off as well so no worries about them nasty creepers!

Lot's of lands to explore and conquer!

Earn money fast with mcjobs and selling to admin shops, a
even make your own shops

You can claim land and protect your builds and not worry about griefers,
we also have a no griefing rule.

Everyone can make shops with chest-shops, you can also buy players shops in the survival

We have 25 biomes!!!
  • Birch Forest

  • Bonsai Forest

  • Deciduous Forest

  • Deep Ocean

  • Desert

  • Fantasy Forest

  • Farmland

  • Forgotten Forest

  • Jungle

  • Mega Spruce Taiga

  • Mega Taiga

  • Mesa

  • Ocean

  • Pine Forest

  • Plains

  • River

  • Savanna

  • Scots pine forest

  • Snowy Pine

  • Stone Forest

  • Swamp Edge

  • Swamp

  • Swampland

  • Tropical Forest

  • Volcano

So welcome again!!!

and enjoy your time on the server!



~FoxMagick *Owner*

~MagicalEssence *Owner*

~Noxious89 *Co-Owner*
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