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Looking for developers, plugin coders, admins

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created 01/20/2019 4:59 pm by KingAjvd
last reply 01/21/2019 7:33 pm

I will not be considering anybody who is under 16 for any of these positions you must have experience with building a server, preferably you would be fluent in multiple coding languages if you are applying for plugin coder, as of right now there will be only a one time payment for getting the server up we will start talking about reoccurring payments once the server has a stable player base.

Alright now here is a job description for each of the previously mentioned.

Admins: What I will be expecting from the admins is a keen knowledge of how to run and maintain a website, not the code but the content, submissions, reports, and appeals.

Developers: What I would expect of the developers is a keen knowledge of what plugins are needed for the goal of the server, I myself am very inexperienced with this and hence why I will be needing developers. I would also expect you know how to get an enjin website (or equivalent whatever servers are doing today) running and looking good, I am aware this will require you to attach voting plugins to our website and you will be responsible for linking the website and server in every way necessary, including ranking system.

Plug-in Coders: I would expect you to work closely with the developers any plugin they need and cannot find on the web you will be expected to code for us, once the server is done you will be paid for this and we will discuss payment if you are accepted.

Comment down below if you are interested and I will message you with what comes next.
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01/21/2019 7:33 pm
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Hey I am a Plugin Coder would love to help you out.

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