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created 01/31/2014 11:13 pm by Anthony10
[color=#000000][size=150]Hey there! I have some good ideas for a server I am creating, and I am good with configs and fixing errors, however have no experience with creating plugins. [b]Any developer that makes a good plugin will get OP, Dev Rank, and 5% of all donations each month for a year after the plugin is introduced. Every additional plugin made by the same person will get an additional 1%. If plugin randomly breaks, you agree to fix it within a week. Any abuse of power will result in losing payment.[/b] I will not list my ideas here because I do not want people to steal my ideas.

[i]-Has and is active on Skype
-Has made a good custom plugin before
-Is agreeing to the payment (bolded in above text)
-Will have plugins I ask for out in a reasonable time frame and with high quality.[/color][/i]

Message me on PlanetMinecraft for skype contact. My server is web hosted from thesmelter for any wondering if I am some joe-schmo running it off a computer.

Please no unexperienced players, I will need to see a plugin you have made before even considering you.[/size]

Owner of Crosscube SMP
To-Be Owner of a Custom Survival Server[/i][/size]
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