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☖Minecraft Frontiers☖ ~ Interactive World, Rich Story, Economy

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created 01/23/2019 9:55 pm by MinecraftFrontiers
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Minecraft Frontiers
Change the way it's played.

Minecraft Frontiers is a revolutionary Minecraft project aiming to introduce a new type of a server. Over the past few months, we have been collecting talented people from all areas related to Minecraft. We have writers, artists, coders, Minecraft enthusiasts - you name it.

We decided to open our doors to more talented people, trying to create a truly memorable project of a great scale. This is not a chance for you to try out yet another server, nor is it a chance to easily get privileges just by signing up. It is an opportunity to shape, in our view, one of most promising Minecraft projects in the making.

The Project:

Think of an RPG server with classes, quests, levels and a storyline that guides your character from a nobody to the savior of the world.

Now throw that idea out the window!

When we sat down to design this experience, it was instantly obvious that majority of games out there are the same old thing, just slightly different settings. Our goal is to make a player experience that is like nothing you've played before. We call it a living universe.

What is a living universe?

  • Plays on its own - it lives without the need for a single player. Farmers plant crops to make a living. Bakers buy the wheat and sell their bread to others in the marketplace. Politicians make big decisions for citizens and collect taxes. Warriors explore the wilderness and defend trade caravans. It is constantly interacting with itself, resulting in a completely dynamic experience.

  • Smart NPCs - so the above sounds like the smartest NPC system there could be, right? Well there is more. NPCs chat with each other, share their experiences and knowledge. Did a thief steal from a caravan on the other side of town? Well the other trader won't know about it - unless someone told him! The goal is for each NPC to have a meaningful life, making decisions on a daily basis - possibly being "smarter" than most players!

  • Expanding towns - if a city prospers and the villagers are happy enough to make love, politicians will start thinking about expanding the town. If you don't log in for a month of two, chances are you will come back to a very different place - full of new buildings not created by the admins, but planned and built by the NPCs!

  • Dynamic economy - the town economy goes beyond supply and demand. If warriors bring back rare weapons, the old iron daggers will drop in value - but that's not it by far. A player set up a new bakery that makes tastier and cheaper breads than the old bakery in town? Locals will quickly realise and start enjoying the new yummy breads. Shame on the old greedy baker who is now out of a job!

The Players:

So we have a world that lives on its own. Where does the player come in? That is the beauty of it all. You log in and have a meaningful decision to make! Who will you be? There are literally hundreds of possibilities and our team is here to let you be who you want to be. Through systems promoting roleplay and interaction, we let you blend into the already living world.

You not only get to explore this rich universe, but since everything is dynamic, you also get to change it! Things you do and the way you spend your time really makes an impact. No more RPGs where you log in with level 1, stop playing a month later and no single soul cares. As soon as you log in, the world has already changed!

We keep our fellow roleplayers at heart, letting you do things like:
  • Write your own lore - and if you ever get in trouble, don't be surprised the elected senator can dig the local library to find out records on your character.
  • Own valuable property - no endless plots. If you want to own a building at the heart of the town, you have to work for it. But if you are lucky enough to own that tavern in the town square, you bet all those NPCs will flock to your events!
  • Be known - both players and NPCs will get to know you over time. If you feel like it, you can even dabble in politics to really stir things up.

IMPORTANT: We are not a traditional Minecraft server. We are here to "change the way it is played". Our server is highly based around story and creating a brand new setting. If you are looking for a place to stack blocks, you are in the wrong thread!


We are one big family, where everyone on the team knows each other. Being a group of people passionate about Roleplaying Games, we are looking for similarly minded people who are enthusiastic about creating something new and fun. If you are passioante about rolepalying and sandbox games, hit us up on our forums!

To apply and for more information, please visit our website:

Are you ready to change the way Minecraft is played? We are looking forward to seeing you in Elpida.

Minecraft Frontiers Team
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01/29/2019 6:16 pm
Level 2 : Apprentice Network
Have a look at our new trailer here.
01/27/2019 8:29 pm
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