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voidacc7/31/14 3:52 am
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7/31/2014 3:56 am
Hello, we have been making this server and need some players to come try it out! Mature players please.. It's turning into a nice server, though it's still somewhat new.

›››› (Looking for AWESOME builders to be STAFF) ‹‹‹‹

Survival: Raiding and pvp is allowed, you can buy "Guardians" from the shop that lets you keep your items upon death. Also you can buy "Insurance" and put it over your house so nobody can break into it. Add your friends to your insurance. You can /lock Any doors, chests, furnaces, crafting tables, etc. And also add your friends to your locked chests. Can make a grill/smelting table out of any slabs to cook food, and smelt logs to ores, iron to ingots, etc. ! Rankings. For factions there is a seperate world. Feel free to let us know if you want a plugin added. Will be adding Lockpicks later, it will be a skill you have to level, and picks will be expensive and break on fail.

Creative: Plotworld for start (HUGE PLOTS), rank up once to get worldedit, and then build your way to the top leader boards! (Somewhat easy to rank, just make a nice build)

Designer: When you reach the highest building rank, you get full world edit permissions in PlotMe and Freebuild and access to MASSIVE 300x300 plots!

Thanks, look forward to meeting you in-game!

King's Haven : kinghaven.mcph.co
If the subdomain doesn't work, use the number IP address.
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07/31/2014 3:56 am
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AWESOME SERVER! When you first join, everyone welcomes you to King's Haven! The spawn is an amazing build made by a staff member and all of the other builds are awesome also. In all, I would recommend this place to all of my friends.
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